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I'm not mentioning which company but I would like to say days off should be days off.. I work 12 days on and 4 days off. and they told us if we are on days off don't go anywhere cuz we need to go to work if someone calls in .. and believe me someone calls in every time.. .. I wish I could just say I cant im out-of-town.. or on vacation or just don't answer the phone .. but they said if we don't answer the phone they are writing us up.. which I dont believe that should happen I what to spend time with my family too.. the rig i am n is all family rig operated.. except for 3 of us.. and u could say the 3 of us get screwed every time..



what do ya think about this ...

I would like to see other opions of what ya got to say to this!!!


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I now how u fell

i knw how u feel 2 but remember days off r days off they cant rite u up for not being there unless u r paid 4 ur days off on standby time family is most important thats y most of us r still here

  You do have an option. Grow a set and tell them you are on Days Off. I can see helping out every once in awhile but if its happening very often then you have to be an MAN and STAND UP for yourself. If you never stand up for yourself who else is...You will be puttin withe that crap from now on.

Lol... Imagine that... I know all to well the situation of being on a rig that is family oriented. Unfortunately I ended up surrendering a drillers position of 15 years having 20 years with the company because I felt my seniority was being trampled on by the issue of "family" I have busted my b*** for 20 years to have gotten to where I was. Only to having what I felt was my only option to just walk away from it. There is nothing that could have been done to resolve the issue unless I was willing to burn bridges and lose all that I have (my job) worked for with in the company as a whole. My suggestion... Just walk away. It's a big world with bigger and better opportunities.

Have you given any thought to working International? I know companies like Nabors, HP and others that are desperate need of drillers worldwide. These positions are usually 35/35 or 28/28 and pay fairly reasonable.


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