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I know the last thing you need is another person who wants to get into the oil business especially at this time but this job fits my personality to a T.  I have seen a few schools on the internet but the only ones i've seen that seem any good are with APTC and Maritime drilling school and both are in Canada and i live in the US. APTC offers a 2 week course and Maritime offers a 3 week course. I'm trying to get some experience to get hired.  Are there any schools in the US that offer Floorman/Roughneck training that are good. If they have job placement even better if that will even help at this time. I would love to get a job in Alaska if that's possible at this time. Any help would be more than appreciated.


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theirs 86 rigs going in north dakota, all co. hiring look on ND. JOB SERVIVES, NO SCHOOL NEED
Thank you for the help! i'm looking into it right now. If anyone else has any more help let me know1 Thx again!
Mostly it's just on the job training. You just have to submit as many applications as possible...
Thank You! That's exactly what i'm going to do............should a person drive or fly out to North Dakota especially williston,ND where it seems they have alot of work in the oilfields? I know in person is much more personal then some online application.
Well I guess that depends if you want to deal with renting a vehicle when you get there...You just need to figure up the airfare and rental car versus gas by mileage.
Any rig with a decent driller is a roughneck school. When i broke out i never heard of any school for it; didn't know there was such a thing. All you need is a driller that will teach you and works safe and you got it goin'on. i swear the worm hand i have now just saw a couple of episodes of Black Gold and said he was a roughneck.
Most Vo-Techs offer an oilfield class that'll make you a certified green hand or whatever. I started out as a Roustabout in Wyoming and then my Dad hired me as a Floorhand in Texas. It generally helps to know someone that can get you a job.

I wouldn't hold out for that Alaska job... they don't run alot of rigs. If you're willing to re-locate, PA/WV would be your best bet.
Roughneck school what the hell is that, on the job training getting screamed at is where it is. I have worked in this 10 years in the oil field, raised into it, lived in Alaska for 4 years very hard to get a job up there look local before thinking of going that far. North Dakota is where the action at , and just as cold as ALASKA but the holes drill fast.
I just got back from North Dakota, i spent 2 weeks there looking for work and have a phone interview for BJ Services on monday. So hope i can get the job and start working. The Williston/Dickinson area has tons of jobs but my lack of experience still limits me because they prefer experienced people.
Well, that's good. Good luck with the interview. You can do it.


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