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Hi, I have a Stop Card by one of rig crew who observed making drill pipe stand by air winches and power tong in mouse hole while drilling operation is ongoing (Top drive System), he believed that it is unsafe practices, however i could not find any references for this observation..

Any comment or experience on this?



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They also make a small set of elevators to run on the hoist to eliminate having to use a lifting eye.
Yes always use a tail rope and single latch elevators like tj was saying. Thats how we do it on our rig and have never had a problem

We use to always make up and break down stands of pipe while drilling. So what... even without single latch elevators. We would just run the air hoist to the board with a weight on it, have the derrickman put a couple of wraps on a stand, mousehole it and break it down. We used the tongs and spinning chain as well. Just dont step on the damn rotary table while its turning...

May be you find all safety precautions in the manual ( while making stands off-line)

As long as there is an experienced hands to supervise the job, I think there would be no problem. Also we do this in making up stands only and when the top drive is at a higher elevation while drilling to prevent any untoward incident.

We are using single latch elevator and a lifting cap for the drill pipe alternately with a weight ( we used a heavy tong jaw) to prevent the air tugger line from going to the roof! A lifting cap is used to pick up a single joint from the v-door into the mouse hole using one of the air hoist and then replaced with a single elevator on the top joint of the DP stand using the other air hoist where racking is being done. Lifting cap is designed for a single joint only. It is safer and faster to work with an iron roughneck in making up the stands.

If the company man allows this operation, then there is no problem doing this simultaneous jobs.


It's a pretty standard practice, just have to make sure the hands keep the hoist away from the TDS and pipe. On my rig we pick up a single with single joint elevators and put it in the mousehole then set slips, remove single jnts and pick up another single then stab it, MU W/iron roughneck, Pull slips and lower it set slips, repeat one more time stand is built, It takes about 10 min, I'm not sure many operators would be happy waiting to MU a stand before resuming drillling, Average connection time is about 5 min so that would put you off bottom not drilling for 15 min if everything went well, Depending on conditions you could easily get stuck if the string were left unmoved for that long, and as you just emptied the mousehole and made a connection you won't have much room to work it up and down. If anyone suggested I leave my string sitting to make up a stand I'd tell them they were nuts.

First off all , be aware performing concurrent operations is very hazardous. So a  Job safety analysis must be discussed prior to making DP stands.

I guess that mouse hole is close to the rotating string: Assess the situation if it's safe and also consider dropping objects while string is in motion.

Think safety first... 


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