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Folks,  I'm looking for input on job reporting software, something that fishermen can use in the field for daily reports and job summary / invoice compilation.    It would need to be able to take input as to BHA configuration and pricing, preferably presenting a drawing of the BHA along with the charge per piece and days utilized.  Rolling over the configuration from one day to the next is highly desired.   Pipe tally is essential.  It would also need to have a section for the fisherman to add dialog as what operations were performed at what time of the day.  

Anyone have suggestions of software for field use like this?

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Thanks Alan.   There's at least one piece there that I might be able to use for one piece of the puzzle.

Check out http://www.oil-shop.net . I know they also specialize in custom software and can build you anything you need. Sometimes I think that is better than off the shelf. At least you will get what you want :-)



"Sometimes I think that is better than off the shelf. At least you will get what you want..."

True that Norm.   I'll be contacting those folks to get and idea of cost and timeframe.   Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming!

I could do this in Excel.

Send me your email and I will send you an excel file that should fill the bill.




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