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Hey Fellows!
Curtis has given me some Great coverage on his site here in hopes of drawing in other model builders like myself. I would really like to hear from other model builders. It doesnt matter what they look like or what they are made of, the point is that you may have a talent for this and it can be so easy!!!!!!!! I dont even want to show the first 2 models I built cuz they are so crude. I was inspired by an old fellow many years ago to try scaling and I laughed at him and said I would never be able to do that. The words "can't" and "never" dont exist in MY dictionary any more.
If ANYONE has ever fantasized about building replica's of prototypes of anything, all you have to do is try. I would love to be of any advice to anyone that would like to further their skills. It is so easy but in iron working, the proper equipment makes it so much easier. I started out with a 220v stick welder and hand tools, now I have accumulated many "tools of the trade" over the years that make percision parts and other resources to make things quicker, easier and more authentic looking.
You do not need patients for this, rather lots of spare time and imagination along with perseverance and determination that you are going to accomplish something that most people wont even bother with
I would really like to hear from people who would like to futher their dreams of replicating protypical equipment. I would be more than happy to offer any advice or knowledge I can


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building a complete rig is very diffaculte building the pumps, pits,mud house, ren house, bops, water tanks,fuil tanks,   koome unit controles, derick stan,pipe,collers, line spole, junck box, air runch, floor houses,shell shackers,charges pumps an outher things is very dilcult but you need this to have a complete rig . kg edington
The replicas are awesome. I have been interested in starting on a few of my own projects. Have actually started one project but its either not enough time or not having the know how to achieve the correct scaling.. I have the desire and motivation hoping that it will pan out for a great business opportunity. My ideals consist of possibly some type of remote control operated replica. How ever not having knowledge in electronics I feel that I could use all advice to be given. Maybe meeting someone to partner with. Someone who has the same insight as I have.


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