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Hey Fellows!
Curtis has given me some Great coverage on his site here in hopes of drawing in other model builders like myself. I would really like to hear from other model builders. It doesnt matter what they look like or what they are made of, the point is that you may have a talent for this and it can be so easy!!!!!!!! I dont even want to show the first 2 models I built cuz they are so crude. I was inspired by an old fellow many years ago to try scaling and I laughed at him and said I would never be able to do that. The words "can't" and "never" dont exist in MY dictionary any more.
If ANYONE has ever fantasized about building replica's of prototypes of anything, all you have to do is try. I would love to be of any advice to anyone that would like to further their skills. It is so easy but in iron working, the proper equipment makes it so much easier. I started out with a 220v stick welder and hand tools, now I have accumulated many "tools of the trade" over the years that make percision parts and other resources to make things quicker, easier and more authentic looking.
You do not need patients for this, rather lots of spare time and imagination along with perseverance and determination that you are going to accomplish something that most people wont even bother with
I would really like to hear from people who would like to futher their dreams of replicating protypical equipment. I would be more than happy to offer any advice or knowledge I can


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This is a nice model, i would love to build one like it. I am north of Houston in Conroe.
Thanks William! If you are planning on it and ever want some help or advice, please feel free to ask, I have a couple of other fellows coming into this too. Mine are made of all steel. Kieth and Alex are model builders also and I am waiting for them to come aboard and share their work & stories here too.

Hello John, No I dont know of Jesse. I really wish I did know him. Sounds like a man full of experience and knowledge. If you ever do find him. let me know. hopefully he has pic's of them. LOL, as for the "birds nesting" on the drum, I sold that model years ago and it just sits in a basement collecting dust. I think I should talk the guy into fixing that (LOL) and get it on display somewhere
i am actually interested in building a downsized rig. since being laid off i went to work for my friend who has a welding and machining shop. Thanks, Aaron
Aaron, That is a great opportunity if you dont have your own resouces (LOL...if the Boss will let you), I have found that there is dozens of hours of thought also have to go into model engineering.

Mine are 1/16th scale which means for every real foot, that equals 3/4 of an inch in scale. Ex. 10 feet x .75 = 7 1/2 inches. Very simple, no matter what scale you use. I found this is easy to work with and still fits in most rooms, standing up.

I have just recently purchased a Knuth DBF 400 lathe, mill, drill press, all in one. It was on sale for 890.00 USD and had it shipped from Illinois up here to A-Land (Canada). Still getting it all set up. I was using a SouthBend Model A which was a fantastic unit in its days, the mid '40's.

I also have a Lincoln SP 100 mig, Lincoln 225 with spool gun for aluminum, Hypertherm 380 plasma cutter, King 8" band saw and countless other air tools and stuff I have accumulated over the years.

Any help or advice I can give you, I would be glad. Some of the other fellows have build theirs out of wood, as my 1st one was popsicles sticks (LOL). Wood is much easier to work with and much cheaper but I grew up with the passion for iron works. Kieth L. has a splendid wood model on this site also. So which ever way you go, there is some good advice here, which ever way you go.


Aaron Baker said:
i am actually interested in building a downsized rig. since being laid off i went to work for my friend who has a welding and machining shop. Thanks, Aaron
How would a guy go about getting his hands on one of your modles I am very interested. Let me know.
Very Nice!
Hi Jim your model looks great , So far I build already 128 model and I got another 12 to be build.
nice rig,but what are you using for drill rods
I am interested in have a couple small scale models built for our office. Please let me know if you would be interested or if you know of someone who would be. Regards, Suzon.
Man your rigs are awsome in form and detail. I have een trying to build a working model for years. Just not enough time in the day. this one that has paint on it is one I worked on over 20 years ago. It was destroyed in a devorceing accedent LOL. the other on without paint is one im working on now. Its been sitting untouched for about a year now but seeing your makes me want to start working on it again. the older one was almost complete and had a working U-15 drawtool complete with hi-low clutch and a three speed wiggle-stick (all working) it was a little biggr and i found it easier to get scale action out of it. I like the way you used a dublin union for a swivel, that is exactly what I used. Unfortunately this is the only picture that survived.

Hey Jim


I had intended to attach a picture or 2 to my earlier note but failed to get it done.    will try again now.   it is interesting that we both built the same National drawworks but yours is far the better.



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