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I need to know which the rules and regulations applies in the petroleum industry(drilling) relating to land transportation.
and can your let me know which are the practices you are using?
and if possible direct me to appropriate document/book for it.

If you can help me for the best practices in land transportation targeting the petroleum+drilling industry, then kindly message me or reply to this thread.

Thanks a lot,

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The company I work for sent us to an excellent school put on by Steven Hart of MidAmerica Transportation Services out of Montgomery, Texas.  This class was strictly HazMat.  The book we used in class, and still use, is "Handling Hazardous Materials," from J.J. Keller, jjkeller.com.  Steven was involved with the feds and wrote a lot of the regs. I'm sure he can help, but no tellin' what he charges.

Road and bridge laws, axle weights, permits, etc., vary greatly state by state; I know there is a big difference between Texas and North Dakota.  I've about decided even a lawyer can't keep everything legal.

The Federal Government has publications for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  Most of that stuff can be found on google.


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