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Hi , I don't have working experience in oil & gas sector ,but soon I'll finish college for petroleum engineer so it's an important decision.

 I'm thinking of  getting  one tattoo on the side of my neck, but I've heard that getting some jobs it isn't possible if it is on some visible place . (they deny you with stuff that it is against company politics etc ..)

 But however I've heard and saw lot of people have it and work on rig.  Is tattoo crucial for not getting job on job interview if there is a lot of potential workers with similar qualifications?

  If not for working on rig, does it matter for some other oil-work job? So I'm interested what is your opinion, experience ?    Thanks for your answers!

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For a Petroleum Engineer I see that it could hinder you getting on with some companies, but as a roughneck it doesn't matter.  Would you like to make 1k $ a day as a company man, or 22$ hr for the next 10 years till you get enough experience to be a consultant?
Aha, I see. Probably I would go for acompanyman, if I would have choice for that, thanks! I'll think bout it somemore.
I would not advise getting any tats that are visible unless you want to work in manual labor positions. Always remember the guys that do the hiring and are going to be your leaders and bosses for the most part do not like them. They will never tell you THAT is the reason you were not hired but I will promise that it will affect their decisions! Take it for what it's worth.

This is true to most extent... For most part when and if i go in for an interview I do wear long sleeve shirts, just because I want  them to see me for what I am and not what I seem to appear to some individuals...

Those HR guys are  college graduates that have no clue how to hire roughnecks or the qualities it takes for some one to make it and thrive in the patch....Now I understand what there trying to do for there company, but in my opinion finding good hard manual labor workers that enjoys there job is different then hiring some one for a office job....

Prime example is myself.... I have failed to land a job going to a interview with any HR... The only way I got on was through word of mouth and people I have worked for and with in the past, and I promise you this that if you asked any one I have worked with that they will tell you I am one of the best hands they worked with, for or had...

I've been in the patch for over 6 years now, and I've seen a lot of cool tats on the arm back or leg..but I've never seen a tattoo on anyone's neck and thought to myself....wow that's cool...everytime I see one I usually think its pretty stupid.
But that's just me...

Id say get them were you can cover them up I have a few and Ive always kept it in mind that not every one is open minded  even on a rig  plus think about how you will look when you get old !! I see these lil thug wannabes covered with ink and think man when hes old he will look like s**t .   plus some ink seen by some people can get you killed !! esp gang    biker or hate group ones !! remember its like a bad STD its with you for life !!

The fact that you are asking the question may just give you the answer that you seek. You say you have an engineering degree. Maybe the better question would be How will it be recieved in an office setting. At the end of the day it's up to you. it's just ink.
I saw a supervisor on a frac crew that has Nazi SS lightening bolts on his neck and swastikas on his elbows.


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