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Hi all, I was doing a hourly wage survey for my Boss, to see if we are competetive with our wages for our roughnecks. We pay $38-Driller, $32-Derrick, $30-Motors and $28-Floors. Do you think we are low or high? We do offer the usual bonus' every day, monthly also. (per diem, safety, invert, etc.) Please give me some input, much appreciated. Terri-Raven Drilling

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Hey Terri,

I think that personally it is a little low, but there are some that are even less than your current wage.

By the way are you keeping busy?

I may be looking for a job soon, how about some info on the company.

Where are you drilling at in N.D.


Those wages sound just about right on...I work for Patterson-UTI and they had some openings in ND...they were also offering $28.00 on the floor, so that sounds like it may be an industry standard...

about 13 miles east of Watford City, 4 hole pad.

Question, who decides which mud motor to use for drilling purposes? Does the directional drilling company decide or the DD?


According to my Boss, it depends on the situation, but the company man usually calls the shots on that.

vertical work can vary between the engineer or company man.

DD companies usually work with the engineers/bit companies to select the ideal motor for speed and torque. 

My husband works for Patterson UTI here in New Mexico/Texas as a driller and is paid $29.. we've been told the pay is better in North Dakota but mainly because of climate differences..

That pay does seem competitive though. Bonus' are awesome! I know a lot of drilling companies around here don't always offer them, they leave it up to whatever company contracted with to pay bonus'.

Yes that is true. Thanks for replying. Terri

Stoneham Drilling, owned by Western Energy out of Canada a d working here in North Dakota pays according to CAODC rules. CAODC is the Canadian version of IAODC. Drillers are $42.50 Derrickman makes $37.00 Motorman makes $32.00 Roughneck makes $30.00 and Leasehand gets $27.50. They all get $140.00 a day per diem. Bonuses and Safety Pay are usually negotiated with the contractor.

Just tell me where driller makes $85 and hour and I'll be there thats good money.

What are they paying company men over there? If the pay is right I may be interested in changing companies.

$334,000.00-$400,000.00 a year. But that is just our company hands. I don't know what other's are getting. Terri



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