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What do you really think about "Safety" and "Safety Personnel"?

I'd rather you speak the truth about this. You can't hurt my feelings - I have thick skin. LOL

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Safety hands are necessary and useful. Sometimes they get a little carried away; but I've never had any trouble with them. You can learn a lot from them, as well.



you have got to be kidding me!!! they are nothing more than Obamas tools for crucifying the oil& gas industry!!
the safety kid they have for us was a termite exterminator and is now trying to be a hip hop star!! check him out JONAH NSIDE he was also on MTV!! on that show next!! 
anytime I need a good laugh I read your response! I work on a 1m# rig and Jonah novac (our safety kid) wanted to know where our ROD BASKET WAS!!

The best safety hands are the ones that have actually done your job. I always hated the "desktop drillers" that had never made tongs bite but had no problem telling you how to do your job, or worse, what you should have done. I think the job is a necessary position, but too many times I have seen it go from being part of the team to company Gestapo. I think that despite a degree, no safety hand should be employed unless he has 10 years on a rig. At that point he would know whether a safety rule would be effective or more dangerous in a rig environment.



I'd like to take this time to thank those who have responded to the discussion and let you know that I take the answers seriously and in fact I will bring this back to my team as a way to help us make better decisions when we hire new prospects. I have been a roughneck in the 80's/90's spent a small amount of time in the derrick, so I can relate to you.
Also thanks Justin, I know about getting carried away and often that can happen if the safety man/woman doesn't understand what's going on.



Don't know if you are still following this, but I just saw it... Safety hands mostly just need to be lined up and shoot every other one in the head so maybe the ones left standing will be worth keeping. No seriously, i think that if you are going to have a safety man he should not be telling you how to do something he has never even done. Apply this mindset to any other field, you do not have people telling other people how to do things they cannot even do themselves, period. Safety is something you have to take personally. i do not care if my company has a safety program or not i have one of my own. When i put my name on the books as driller i act like it. i do not want to hear about one of my crew getting hurt on their days off, much less because of something i was responsible for. You make it past the first day and you are part of the family; you do not want your family getting hurt. In my opinion, you would not even need a safety department if all drillers took their responsibility seriously. Plus you have to keep communication lines open and clear. Many incidents have happened because the crew simply wasn't speaking to each other. You cannot legislate morality. You cannot legislate safety. You cannot fix stupid, like the comedian said. Many safety procedures have been initiated simply because two or more guys had their head up their _ _ _, and one or more of them ended up getting hurt. Then you institute a procedure that is the equivalent of: Someone got kicked in the junk in Saudi Arabia so now we all have to wear a cup. You have rules pop up like not putting a grip on a hammer handle because it might obscure a defect in the handle when in all actuality it might save you from losing the hammer. Any defect would occur by the head of the hammer, not out at the end of the handle. So here you have an example of making the work site more dangerous instead of safer, while using the guise of safety to do it. The whole system would be way more effective if you just did two things: 1) Have open discussions where those being effected could have input. & 2)Get rid of or demote the Bozo's instead of making the operation more difficult for the rest of us. O.K. i have some issues...


This is candid and exactly what I was looking for. I hope more people respond to this discussion in the same "straight-forward" manner. Thanks for the feedback.


The "open discussions" you are refering to, we already do.....they are called JRA's.......just bustin' your balls lynn
AMEN..... very well put
I agree! Drillers should lead by example. We should train these men properly and instill the best work ethics we can. 
I am gonna print this off and put it up in the top dog house!!!
perfectly put,thanks so much. 


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