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Dear All,

I am looking to specific guidance or standard which indicate that which pressurized air lines  need whipcheck or other securing devices. ( i mean from which pressure we need to consider securing devices such as whipcheck)

Any help highly appreciated


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We put them on 4" and 2" hoses that only have 20 psi on them.

You may check with your local, state, and/or federal OSHA regulators for all of the information that you are looking for. But for the most part if any line under pressure that is under 1/2" and is under 150 pounds pressure may not be required to have whipcheck device placed on or near connection. Anything over that maybe required. I know that any flexible hose and/or line 3/4" and over must have a whip control device, but there again you must look at your pressures that your working with.


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