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I would like to get some opinions on wieght indicators. My question is how do you guys out there feel about actual weight indicators versus the person indicator and also how that plays into weight indicators on flex rigs.

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The weight indicators I see today are just that: indicators.  They don't really provide a true weight, just an indication of an increase or decrease.  That cartoon looking thing on Flex-Rigs is just about as useful as the pad mounted indicators on pulling units.  After all these years the old Martin Decker with a properly dampened vernier is still the best IMHO.

Thank you sir I run openhole tools and we were Reaming on a flex rig and it blew my mind I would rather be on a conventional rig over the flex rig and i so not like the weight indicators at all on the flex rigs

what is the difference between flex rig indicators and the good old martin decker diaphragm  indicators ?   I have been out of the patch way too long.

I'm a Driller on a flex rig, It uses a load cell on a deadman in place of the old style turtle shell you would pump up. Before I drilled on this new stuff i drilled on an old brake handle. I do miss the brake just a little but drilling in that flexrig is super nice. The weight indicator took lots of getting used too but its actually way more accurate. You just have to forget about looking a a gauge and needle and start looking a the digital numbers. After you get used to it its really nice. I can actually break things down to hundreds of pounds instead of just thousands. 


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