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The only women i've seen in the patch was a sexy little asian wireliner and my favorite of all the steak caterer that came out the day I was laid off from the patch. At least i got pink slipped on a full stoumach!
Shell has a night Drilling Foreman (Company Man) in the Rockies. She worked nights for me for a while. She was on Patterson 426 and Nabors 169 up in the Jonah Field in Pinedale WY for several years. She was okay, had some poor black woman syndrome issues that came to light a few times, but she pulled her own weight most of the time.

I also worked Deep Water GOM with a night hand that was female, and she was a topped notched Company Rep. She was young, and very good looking girl, and a fellow Aggie on top of that, so she allows had my vote. I have some decent pictures of her somewhere, I'll have to post.
Been around the gals in the patch since the 80's overseas. Mostly wireline engineers and geologists, and catering staff. But had one in the Danish sector of the North Sea as an OIM. Never had one as a floor hand though.
Well Im an oilfield brat meaning raised around it.Now my hubby works offshore Nigera.As a teen back in the 80s before the bottom fell out in west Tx there was alot of girls working on the rigs.From what I remember they wore the same as the guys.From pics I have seen the girls now seem to be wearing coveralls.But most of the girls in the field now have degrees.I wish it was like the old days where they would give a regular girl a chance without a degree.I would give my eye teeth at a chance to break out in the field lol
Hi Tina,
I have been in the oilfield for 3 years. Was also raised an oilfield brat! My dad retired from Helmerich & Payne, in those years we lived mostly S. America, He retired as a consultant. I also have 2 brothers that made the oilfield their life. Never had I thought about working in the oilfield myself, until I divorced 4 years ago. I worked for the State of Texas for 15 years, but my salary was not enough to pay my expenses. I got my foot in the door as a Mudlogger. My brothers tease me about being a Dirt Dobber, but I can tell you after working 2 jobs for 1 year I decided if I was not going to have any days off I might as well get one job that payed me overtime for the extra time I was putting in. Thankfully the company I hired out to was willing to train me. I absolutely love it! And as one of the few females that has posted on this subject, I will tell you I have the utmost respect for the guys I work with. I am required to wear FRC coveralls and they are not that appealing.lol...I have learned that as a woman the job will only be as good as you make it....Sense of humor is a must! And if your determined to know your stuff, these guys go out of their way to explain and share their knowledge of the industry.
Thanks Anita for your responce.In my single years I worked in a diesel mechanic shop so I know what you mean about the sense of humor lol.Did you know someone at the company?Or did you do it on your own.My husband works in Nigera and is gone alot anyway.I am ready to get my hands dirty again lol.I know how heavy steel toes are lol.I would love to chat with you about this more.
Thanks Tina
Hi Karl,
My Dad's name was Travis Thornton they called him Rooster. I lived in Anaco, Barinas, and Los Marochas, Also lived in Quito, Ecuador and Bogota, Colombia. I also had kinfolks working in Venezuela @ one time... Bill Shivers, Joe Thornton, Paul Thornton. All worked for H & P.
We lived in S. America from 66-77. He was Operations Manager while we lived in Quito, but the office was not his cup of tea...lol. Don't really recall any of the names mentioned.
Not sure if he would approve of me being out here in the field Karl, but I treat it just like any other job. And I know what he would except of me, so in return I give nothing but my best and for that I believe he would be proud. All my family held positions on the rig itself or in the office on the drilling end. So I catch a lot of flak being a mud logger or as they like to refer to me as a ( dirt dobber) lol. But I enjoy what I do, and love the challenges.
Try Halliburton!  we've got a couple girls Ive seen in green hats lately on the operator side of things.  (no degrees and such) and yes if you stick with that you can certainly work your way up!  ;) can you drive a truck?  I could sure use a sign on bonus!
the only women I have been around in my 40 years were geologists and catering. But I have never known a woman that did a bad job. If they can do the job, hire them as long as it is only the job they are doing.
I worked with a gal in the late 80s / early 90s on a deepwater rig. She was brilliant, fearless, hard working, did her own dirty work, and was stunningly, movie star, beautiful. She also had normal appetites, and a good sense of propriety. She had a few lovers on the rig over the years, and kept it discreet, but some of our hands do fit the image of "oilfield trash". We had numerous firings (of competing hands, not her) and one attempted murder, which is when we finally figured out the firings.

We had about 20% women on that rig. It did cause problems, but it solved a lot more than it caused. Women see and fix problems that men completely overlook. They also reduce the overall aggression, help to balance discussion because they rarely start with "run that worm off"!

In terms of the sexual tension, it's not good having women aboard, but in terms of everything else, it's better. My vote is for sexual equality, 50% females, or more. I am certain that the problems we did have were related to NOT ENOUGH women rather than having women at all. The job really did used to be too dangerous, dirty, and physical for women in most positions, but today's equipment makes physical strength unnecessary, and today's safety policies prevent so much as breaking a fingernail, so even a prissy female could do most jobs.
Offshore there are many women in varied occupations.
MOST have no problems, some want the job, but want help to do it.
I am more than willing to help with advise.
Like any other worker that requires physical assistance, I will assist.
Like any other location or occupation, mutual assistance must be given, we must help each other to achieve team work.


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