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Hey you cable tool drillers, I'm looking for a rig that will clean out  some irrigation wells. We are looking at  around 400 to 500 foot wells 12 &14'' holes.

The most common rig in these parts is the B.E. rig. Will the 22w work for this or do I need bigger? Drilling out blue shale & sandstone.



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A BE 60 is a bigger rig and is easily truck mounted. Also, it has a reversing clutch
Thanks for the reply. What is a reversing clutch& the advantage to this? I have located a 24L on a truck with some tools. The guy wants around 20,000 and its in drilling shape. Dose that sound like a fair deal? Thanks Dave

If you ever try  to take off 1,00 or so feet of drillin or snadline by hand you will quickly realize the value of a reversing clutch

I have a BE 22W, it can handle 400 ft no problem 

I have a 1986  71 Speedstar. Very clean and well maintained machine mounted on a    1993 Ford  truck with heavy spec. axels.  Bigger rig than a 22w. Contact me for the deal of  the century!   Chuck @ 740 387 9355.   alsohas  4 hydralic leveling jacks and Perkins 4 cylinder diesel on deck.


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