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For those who ain't heard and those who ain't never heard of... S W Jack Drilling Compny is shutting there doors and getting auctioned off in about a month. As soon as rig 12 finishes their holes. I was a dedicated hand that has went from 5th man to derecks and worked there for almost 3 yrs and said I'd stay with them till the end. I just didn't know the end was so near. I worked on rig 18 since day one and I was there to load the last pipe tub to go back to the shop. It was almost heart breaking for me. I went to the shop to see the rig sittin in the yard and knowing I'll never see her again it brought a feeling on like that of seeing a past loved one in the box at the funeral. The thing that really gets me is they didn't tell none of us till 3 days before this last day. But I stayed. Let me go on without bring you sissys out there to tears. I am now out of a job and I am looking for a spot on a rig that would be within 2-4 hrs from Winfield, WV. If there is anyone out there with information leading me to employment, email me at edwindalecarter@yahoo

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Man I hate to hear that. I drive past the Elkview yard every day and was wondering why everything was just sitting there. You have a hard time finding anything close. Northern WV and PA seems to have some drilling going on (Marcellus Shale). Have'nt worked in the oilfield since 90 but it's still in my blood.
There's a couple companies in the west parts of Va I'm gonna check out. I have been in the oil fields for almost 3 years and can't see doing anything else now.


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