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Needing hands on 25,000 ft. diesel electric kelly rig. Going to top drive at end of this well.

We need experienced hands who aren't afraid of work and are used to making things work with what you have to work with. (no whiners) New company and things are happening slow but they are happening.

Paying drillers 31.00 hr - derricks 30.00 and floors 28.00 plus 50.00 a day perdiem . NOT splitting the weeks . Anyone interested can contact me here and I'll give you contact info.

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if the work is hard, is for my, contact in salgove1@hotmail.com

Hi, Well I'm experienced drilling the Bakken. I pushed tools up there for Patterson. If you need a good experienced driller, I'm your man.

Please contact me @ slidedriller56@yahoo.com or on my cell @ 970-589-7359. I know some good hands that live up there that I might be able to get also.


                                                                                                                        Jim D. Bural

Working now in central Texas;  floors/derrick hand/  5 years experience, some diesel electric experience ~ interested in finding out more. Please contact Todd Grant (806) 787-1643 ... or e-mail job requirements and info to start immediately to ruffneck44@yahoo.com .... Camp Job? 7 on 7 off ? 14/14?


Thanx ~


Todd Grant

Experienced Driller Theviking55@hotmail.com


Hi, I'm looking for work on the back in North Dakota 10yrsfrom floors to driller please give me a call 307-461-0522 thanks Troy Franklin

I am looking for work in the field been out of work a month. My ph# has changed 307-461-1325 Thanks Troy

I am a derrickhand with four yrs exp. Prefer kelley rigs, when latching pipe. I have worked in Tioga North Dakota this last winter as a derrickhand. Can I please have the contact info? 

My motto has always been no **** when tackling a tough job! I will fit right in with the no whiners.

My Cell Phone Number Is-  719-691-1955  Please Give Me A Call

Thank You Very Much.

I have 13 yrs exp. Drilling, derricks any potition email kellyandjayostrom@yahoo.com or by phone 912-596-9524
I've got about a year and a half working floors and pits in ND, WY, CO and NM. I don't mind working hard and work with what I got at home and make stuff work.  I'd be intrested and would make a good hand, I'd rather work for a new company than one of the bigger ones..     Contact me @  Tommy_Morgan73@hotmail.com    Would love to head back out to the patch

got 8 years experience 3 of it working derricks on kelly and top drive rigs can be reached at 405-224-2285 or 405-320-3135 thank you larry pup cook


Where is this rig located at?


I got 15 yrs. total in the oilfield. Worked 4 yrs. derricks and the rest of the 12 yrs. rounecking working floors motors and part of it AD'ing. i have worked the other 3 yrs. in service companies. I would like to recieve some info on a rig to call home if you would. My cell number is 903-495-8305.


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