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I am a Derrickhand and a good one.December is the worst time of year to look for work.Everything has been real hit & miss this year in the industry in PA. I normally do not have this much trouble,but it is what it is.Does anybody have any ideas of any companies to apply to in PA.?

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I just got them to fax me an app.Do you know of anybody in paticular I should talk to?

Patterson is always needing hands

Patterson does have beutiful rigs.I just always assumed they were hard to get in with since they are a huge outfit.I know they are Ranges babies over in Washington Pa.I have also seen them up in Williamsport too.I will check into it right now.Is there anybody in paticular I should call or talk to in the office?

you can just print out an app and fax it over to the washington office... the app is on the patterson web site and it will be going to david gill, thats the HR guy, or chris

I went to the website to try and pull up the application,but it said that the file has been damaged so I called and had her e-mail me one,but got the same result.I dont know if it is my computer,but I dont think so because I havent had any trouble with any other apps.So I am trying to get her to fax me one,but that might prove to be a task,If worse comes to worse I will just drive down there.I had the opputunity to get hired there a year and a half ago,but I didn't take and I am kicking myself in the a** now.Thanks for your input though.

Never heard of Pioneer,but I am going to look into them directly and I have seen Pattersons rigs.They are beutiful rigsI know they are drilling for Range in Washington Pa.I use to drill tophole for them at Whipstock.All gravel locations.Nice padsI am going to look into both of these right now

Precision Drilling is hiring. You should'nt have a problem finding anything in PA. Precision pays the most.

Do you have a contact inside precision?Or do you know someone to talk to,like a pusher or super?

Hey man I got an interview at precision thursday.Do you know what there pay scale for floorhands and derrickhands are?Do you know if they pay per diem?How does there drug test work(urine,hair folical,blood).It doesnt matter I dont do drugs anyway,but I just like to know some of these things

might as well try Saxon while your at it...

Seems like quite a few people looking for work in PA.  Im looking to get on a rig but with no exp. do I even have a chance?

Yes you have a chance. just apply at every company and bug the hell out of them. One of the companies will hire you.


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