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A group for the ladies that know first hand what it's like to be "Married to the Oilfield" make new friends and share stories here.

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Get this discussion Board Active 6 Replies

I was so excited to find this discussion forum!  Then I realized it hasn't been too active lately : (  Is there anyone else out there?   My long-term boyfriend (feels funny to say "boyfriend" I'm 36…Continue

Started by Amy. Last reply by Tigger McQuakers Sep 27.

Newbie 3 Replies

Oh I am so glad to find this group. This is such a difficult relationship/lifestyle to be in. For me, the man is sooo worth it. But, I have those moments where I just want to pull my hair out.…Continue

Started by Tigger McQuakers. Last reply by Tigger McQuakers Sep 23.

How can you stay safe while the husband is away at work? 9 Replies

Hey everyone, I'm posting to get some advice from you all about a situation in my new house. I recently moved and lucked out that the move-in date was last week while my babe was home. Now I'm in the…Continue

Started by Marie. Last reply by SarahD Jun 22, 2013.

what's it like? 9 Replies

My fiancee just left me a few minutes ago to start his new job at an oil rig camp in British Columbia, Canada. We live in Alberta, Canada. I'm really upset and in tears because its my only companion…Continue

Started by Marie. Last reply by Carolyn VanEe May 1, 2013.

Not Sure I Can Do This Anymore! 11 Replies

Moved from another state to Louisiana right after I graduated with my masters in social work to be with my boyfriend who works offshore.  He can be gone for a couple of days at a time and not work…Continue

Started by Jenifer Woolley. Last reply by Leigh Campise Apr 19, 2013.

I Need Advice 3 Replies

I've been dating my guy for just over a year. When we met he was drilling up by where I live so I saw him on average once every week or two when he got time off if the rig got td or what ever. In…Continue

Started by Laura Ennis. Last reply by Leigh Campise Apr 19, 2013.

Maybe this site is different.... 8 Replies

I hope this is not one of those sites that everyone is so hateful and mean to everyone. it would be nice to just have a place to go to when the house is so lonely and have someone to talk to that…Continue

Started by Terry T. Last reply by Allie Apr 18, 2013.

Hollywood Looking For Oilfield Housewives 15 Replies

Hello ladies-this was received in a message this morning thought you all might find it interesting:Chris BalishHello,I work for a television production company in Los Angeles that is researching a TV…Continue

Started by Drilling Ahead. Last reply by tina Jan 16, 2013.

Having trouble getting pregnant 4 Replies

I just wanted to throw this out there for some answers from you ladies.  I know none of my other friends would be able to answer me the same way you could.  My husband and I having been trying to get…Continue

Started by Megan Collins. Last reply by tina Jan 16, 2013.

Need advise. Husband never calls. Is this normal? 6 Replies

I am wondering if some of you can help me understandwhat it is like offshore.  My husband is a project management engineer in the oil industry.   When he goes offshore we may not hear from him at…Continue

Started by Lola Jeremy. Last reply by tina Jan 16, 2013.

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Comment by Drilling Ahead on September 4, 2013 at 6:39am

Comment by Kimberley on August 10, 2013 at 6:24pm
Hey I'm new to this site ... And I'm thankful I found it . My husband and I are going through a really rough time we've been together three years his position is operator / supervisor in the field and his current shift is 15/6 before it was 21/3 - I'm now pregnant with our first child his second and I feel alone and insecure and worried and all sorts of things and he can't tend to my emotional needs and doesn't feel he has to . I need advice I feel like our marriage is failing because of me ( may 2013 was when we married ) ... I just don't deserve his coldness as I don't know when I did wrong
Comment by MomOfTwo on June 11, 2013 at 5:31am
Hi all!!! So I am brand new to this site and to the life of have having my guy gone for long periods. He is just starting his job out in Alberta ad his rotation starts as 28 gone 14 home but his fort stint is going to be 6 weeks gone. We have discussed all the pros and cons and have agreed that this is what we need for us financially right now. And I get that. But I'm so nervous about him being gone so long. He hasn't even left yet and I kiss him. Any tricks to make the time go fast or ways to not miss him so much? We have 2 boys 3 and 8 months so they will keep me busy. But nights and weekends I think I will struggle the most with him not here. So if anyone can give me some insight or just a friendly reply I think that may help. Thank you and I can't wait to discuss with all you women!! Xox
Comment by Leigh Campise on April 19, 2013 at 11:00am
I'm new to this site ladies and new to the life of a riggers wife. We just got married march 6 2013 and its been hell. I love that man to death but this 28/and barely 14 is killing me. I wake up to an empty house and fall asleep to the same. Some days I have constant and others its hit and miss. Advice please... My husbands been doing this for 3 years now and loves being in south tx, I'm stuck in central Arkansas and lonely doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling. I could use any and all the support I can get. Thank you
Comment by Leigh Campise on April 19, 2013 at 3:13am
Comment by CBS on December 23, 2012 at 2:45pm

To all the 'newbies' of the O&G industry.  This is a tough life and it take tough men and WOMEN to keep holding the edges together. I was raised in the "roughneck world".  Former floorhand and welders' helper on the pipeline it can be boring, cold/hot and dangerous. I am the HSE/H2S Specialist on different rigs and pipeline. My new husband and children are hundred of miles away while I try to keep all your husbands, boyfriends and fathers safe. These men and women of the O&G do this work to keep everyone happy and make the money to pay for your first home or college for the children. Did I mention it's a tough life for everyone ?  Have faith, these men and women do what they do becouse you inspire them to work for more and work smarter so they can come back to you. 


Comment by Amy on November 20, 2012 at 11:43am
oh yea i dont go out, me and my friends just get together and let our kids play.we usually get together at my house to visit. i try to accomadate his schedule for when he is not on tour but expecting me to always be available when he is workinv i thibk is asking a little much. i have tried talkibg to him ab it but he just takes offense to it.
Comment by Kaylee on November 18, 2012 at 10:13pm
I wouldn't blame him for being as if you go out all the time. Family I do believe is different. And having some friends over for coffee but still incorporating his schedule might be a start? Just explain to him that you will talk to him when he is off work. A few friends and at your house is a safer feel, knowing you are safe at home so he doesn't have to worry about you. Would this sort of thing be an option?
Comment by Amy on November 18, 2012 at 2:17pm
I know I should cherish it and I'm glad he is thinking about us while he is out there and not going drinking with his buddies. I guess I just wish there was a happy medium. I only recently became a stay at home mom after having worked for 6 years and I guess just miss seeing people and feel like he expects me to do nothing but sit at home and be at his beck and call. I enjoy spending all our time together on his two weeks off and feel like my time to visit with my friends and family is for when he is at work but I don't ever get to bc I'm always on the phone. I see my parents now and after 40 years in the oilfield life my mother has no friends and does nothing but sit in the house and watch tv and play on the computer. I don't want to be that way. Just want him to know that I'm always thinking about him even though I may be visiting with friends.
Comment by KD on November 18, 2012 at 10:59am

Hello I am new to the group! My husband is a daylight driller. We have been married for 6 year's & we have 3 little girl's. I am a student & I also work part time. My husband started working in the oilfield in Jan 2007. I would love to chat with other wives:)

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