The Knowledge Box
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description: A Place For Knowledge   Ask your oilfield related questions here
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Oilfield HSE
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Oilfield & Drilling Rig Jobs Group
description: Looking for an oilfield job?-Need to hire someone for oilfield work?  
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Oilfield Model Builders
description: A group for those who enjoy building models of oilfield equipment. A place to share ideas and photos of your work.    
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Buy/Sell Oilfield Equipment
description: Oilfield Equipment Group   Buy, sell or trade oilfield equipment and tools   Please do not spam this group with links to websites
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Oilfield Tattoos
Members : 46
description: Share Your Oilfield Ink    (please keep it clean)
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Old School Oilfield Workers
description: There was a time when the first well in the United States was drilled using a bent over sapling. From there innovative men progressed to wooden derricks and cable tool rigs, then rotary rigs and spinning chains and finally top drives and iron...
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Real Housewives Of The Oilfield
description:  Lets face it-it's tough to make a life with an oilfield man. He requires a special kind of woman. Raising kids while your husband is gone on a 28 day hitch and taking care of day to day affairs can be overwhelming and the loneliness can be...
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