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I've noticed that everyone has their different superstitions on location. I was just wondering how many there are out there. I'll start it off because there are a few that I've picked up and just seem to have made them habit.


Here's a short list that I seem to stick to  in no special order. Things to keep off location: white lighters, cleaning your hardhat, and chicken bones.

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I have been working in Kazakhstan for the past 10 years, here you have to kill a sheep and throw some pocket change in the conductor before spud.
Maybe we need to try that here in the Permian Basin. Sure could'nt hurt on this rig I am on.
But, does anyone REALLY believe in these superstitions?? OMG superstitions are to funny
Don't know how many believe these old sayings, but I know lots of times I pulled wet pipe, after new hands washed hard hats, did lots of fishing, and yes it was after the elevators or wedding band found upside down. May be superstitions, but back then it was can get it, can't stay. Hard work the whole tour, no pipe handlers, Iron ruffnecks, top drives, air slips and the likes.
You didn't try to bring more work on yourself....
never never never have cherry pies on the dang drill pad if it can go worng it will trust me seen it happen way way to mean times lololol


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