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Shouldnt we be able to purchase boots with our safety points just like FR clothiong?

I used to be fan of Red Wing boots and especially if i didnt have to pay for them myself but ive only used the ones patterson gave me for three hitches now and they are falling apart like ive never seen Red Wings do before. I think that if boots are a required part of our daily PPE shouldnt we be able to purchase them like we do with our safety points just like the required FR clothing????

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When did Patterson stop letting you buy boots? I left Patterson 8 months ago, And that is the last thing i did
was cash in my safety points for 4 pair of boots.
Not sure man maby i wasnt in the right spot on the website anyways i already spent all my points on coveralls.
Kris, I was a long time Pusher & Driller for Patterson. 10 years. The safety department finally made it so bad that I quit Patterson. Hank McCarter is the reason I left them. He was out to get me fired & went to Jerry to try & make it happen. All because of their silly assed coveralls. I spent $300 of my own money to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations. Hank wanted me fired for not wearing Patterson coveralls tha I couldn't get in or out of by myself. Ya ever needed to crap at 3 am & have to get someone to help you out of your coveralls? So I quit. Good luck with the boots. The safety department assures everyone that they are providing you with the best quality ppe on the market. Wanna buy a bridge? I have one cheap. Patterson safety has a good idea going, just some really inferior people trying to run it.
Sorry to hear about your trouble with patterson. I havent had any trouble with the safety or any one in the safety program in patterson and I like the fact that we are provided with the coveralls free of charge. Its also good to see patterson go the direction they have with there safety program I thought at first that it wasnt going to work but the more I see the hands useing it the more it works and less and less people I see haveing accidents and or incidents but i know at the same time that it takes everyone on every rig to keep it going and to look out for your fellow roughnecks. Keep up the good work guys and "DRILL BABY DRILL!!!"

FREE OF CHARGE?...LOL...According to Company Policy I am not allowed to call anybody a worm anymore...but you know what I'm thinking...Patterson used to give $1.50 per hour Safety Pay...They took away the Safety Pay and began issuing Safety points. With your Safety Points you were allowed to buy whatever you wanted from the Company Store, wrist waches, camping equiptment, electronics, shotguns, (at one time they even offered vacations to Hawaii and Las Vegas)...then they began to dictate what you could and couldn't buy. Now it's down to where you have to use your Safety Points to buy FR clothing ONLY. Patterson isn't giving you ANYTHING, Patterson took a $1.50 an hour from your paycheck and told you how to spend it..."fishing bait" (sorry, I can't call you a "worm")...


...and BTW...why don't you figure the difference between 40 Safety Points per month (@ $1.00 per point) and $1.50 per hour Safety Pay times the number of hours you work per month...then you will see what Patterson is "giving" you, but son, you have still got to pay out for your own Vaseline...lol...

do you know the website where we can check our points out ? wished we could still get our boots with our points

www,pattersonworkwear.com center option is boot program, every year you get enough points on it to get a pair of boots.

go the wayne-ent.com go to Patterson site and log into the boot program this is not hard to do. your rig manager should be able to show you. I just showed one of my employees how to do this.


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