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What is the strangest thing you have lifted or strangest way you have used an air hoist?


For me,


We were about to leave the rig and noticed we had a flat tire and no one on site had a jack. So we pulled up under the v-door and used the air hoist to lift the car so we could change the tire.


How is that?


Jeff, Driller

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We were rigged up on a small location as usual and surrounded by mud. The casing crew showed up and while getting in position to back up to catwalk drove off location and got stuck. So i sent one of my hands down there with the air hoist and had him tie a half hitch on the bumper and pulled that big truck right out no problem. Hell I think I could have pulled them up on the rig floor if I had wanted too!!HA HA HA !!!
Changing a tire, that's epic.
Adam, the epic part is a driller that goes to work without a jack. If you ain't smart enough to carry one chances are you ain't smart enough to be running a rig.
Joseph, Do you go to the rig without a jack also?
That is epic, I have heard those stories, have yet to observe something like that.
bad night at the rig?

Teamwork baby! Thats awesome.

Our derrick hand dropped the same stand of collars 5 times. Does that count?
Another derrick hand helped us on a trip and invariably dropped a stand of pipe. He couldn't believe how well choreographed we were pulling the stand back up to him. We had had LOTS of practice.

going to work one morning me and the driller hit a deer me and the motor man run the air hoist over the hand rail to clean it


That is EPIC!

Had to pull my truck back onto location one morning when I let my little brother drive and he decided to park off location after it had been raining all night, probably could have got out myself but I had a busted hub lock and it was back when we didn't have a forklift on location or we could have just used it. We was on a little Ideco scope up, mt driller swore we was gonna pull the rig over. LOL, if that would have pulled it over, we was in trouble to start with!!!


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