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What is the strangest thing you have lifted or strangest way you have used an air hoist?


For me,


We were about to leave the rig and noticed we had a flat tire and no one on site had a jack. So we pulled up under the v-door and used the air hoist to lift the car so we could change the tire.


How is that?


Jeff, Driller

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How awesome, thats a funny story. What size truck were u in then to nearly pull that little derrick over?

Just an 02 F-250 Crew Cab diesel, Mt driller was a retard!! Everyone was laughing at him when he said it because he was dead serious, he really thought it would pull it over!!!!!!

Would suprise me if it didnt, lol!

been away from the patch for ten years now. has the experience level really gone that far south!!


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