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Whats the best footage set in a 12 hour tour on your rig?

I made 1889' 2 days ago in hood county. its a record for this rig. could have made 2000+ ft if we wouldnt have blown a swab.

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Must haave been some jam up directional hands on that on what do you say Tedd??

Jonathan, what was the most we ever made on 222 with Ted?


i seen 3200 made 12 tour fairfield,tx year 2001

1556' on UDI 226 Rocker B Ranch Big Lake, Tx 7 7/8 smith m616, td well at 7990, we drilled 7430' in 56 rotating hr. We averaged 1592' a tour at TD. Not a big record but it was a field record that hasn't been touched since!!!

i got set up just right only my 2nd hitch drilling after cementing surface i came on tour and he was tagging up on bottom and i drilled 2,239 and gave him the one i had in the mouse hole out in west texas in stanton on pioneer 5


3,363' in 12 hours and 5,400 even in 24 just outside of Williston,ND

 Cut 2112' of 7 7/8" hole back in the 70's in Pearsall Tx.  Natl T-32 draw works, C-350 duplex pump.
Took 2 slick line surveys and started TOH with a 4 man crew, 8 hour shift. Tooley bought us a case of beer.

Back in 97 I was drilling for Advanced Energy we took rig 8 to WV. to do CBM work. The wells we we're doing were on the average of 1300 ft. TVD with 8 to 10 legs per well. We drilled a main leg and then sidetracked 4 or 5 legs off both sides of the 8000 ft. TD or so main leg. We got the sidetracks down to about an hour which was pretty fast, but this is coal and easy to do. I drilled 4842' in 12 hours and we continually drilled 400' to 500' an hour. I alone could not have done this without the help of a great crew and great directional personal. The rig was a little Apache D150 top drive with a boom and fast as hell. At that time it was a world record but I believe it has sense been beat. I know this isnt in Texas but i thought you guys might want to read this. But hey drilling 2000' in 12 hours in my book is pretty dam good. Keep up the hard work and be safe. 

best footage i have ever personally seen was when we got to logging depth at the begining of my tour(9am @7,500') and by the end of my tour we made 2,100'ft,i caught 70 30ft samples, ran 7 gas shows and thats typing up the show reports and keeping my logs caught up. And we were using lopplot 05..and we were in east tx,just outside palestine tx..


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