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 My first time on the brake was scary as hell and confusing also. I ran about 15 stands to my pusher that wanted to get out of his trailer for a while so he worked the board until relief showed up. The first 5 stands were rough on slips but it was only a matter of time to find the groove to put some pipe in the hole. It's pretty fun running the rig. One of these days I will be drilling.


                                                            Jonathan Daniel

                                                         Patterson UTI Drilling

                                                               RIG 623

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HAHA....you know...I avoided the brake handle until it was forced on me...made a few connections before I statred drilling- but that was honestly it. I will never forget my first night as a Driller. Pulled up on location and they were pumping a slug...wind was gusting out of the north to 60 mph...everytime my derickhand unlatched the 500 ton blocks would blow across the derrick and smash into the far side gurt. I would have to wait until they started to swing back-throw the barke back and let them fall a bit....then stop when they swung back into the derrick! (about 3 times each stand) I had never pulled pipe on the brake before, the toolpusher and companyman that both promised to "break me out" went home after 4 stands...haha they said call me if you need me...I was like ????.
Anyways, longest night of my life and I will never forget it. Next day the office called..several rigs in the area had to stop tripping and wait it out till the wind stopped...The "Office wanted us to know that we could stop also if we felt we needed to...that call came about 24 hrs to late, but we sat her on the bank and got it started back in the hole in what has to be the slowest trip time ever recorded!

Here is some great advice for new drillers
I was working lead tongs, driller needed to fill out the books. So he said "Who wants to learn how to lay down pipe?"


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