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Just joined the group and there is no discussions. Lets post our intro's and see if any of us are connected down the line somewhere. Started in 79 on Safari Drilling rig#3, "The Yellow Dog", near Wingate, Tx. Worked for Wylie Drlg all over West Tx. West-Tex Drlg, GCO, out near Seminole Tx. Most recently worked in the Barnett for Nabors North Tx district, and now in Saudi Arabia, for NDIL.

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hey guys ,
I stated with Patterson in the 90's in south Texas,all along the Rio.
worked for Nabors in central Texas,drilled frontier in Louisiana and and west Texas and for Helix in the gulf.Now I am cutting grass.I am ready for it to pick back up !
I broke out with Mattlock out of Midland. I think I was on Rig 1. Then I went to Basic for a little while. I was on GreyWolf Rig 514 up near Carlsbad. I worked for Lariat for a few months before I ended up with UDI. I was on a rig just north of Big Spring. I broke my ankle and tore all the ligaments just over a year ago and have been going through surgery and physical therapy every since. I can't wait to get back on a rig!
I spent a little time on GW 514. That's the fastest tripping rig I worked on. You probably know Billy Mc-n-cheese, Dandy Don, Vallardi, Dumm-!!!, etc. According to Precision's website, 514 is working down south of San Antonio.
I broke out for Norton in Levelland in '90, (the only Norton rig I DIDNT work on was jurassic 9)worked for Sitton,Key rig 35, Faith Drilling in Seminole, Greywolf up in Higgins tx, Lariat rig 4 Peyote Tx,Unit Texas rig 151, and doing Directional Drilling in the Barnette now
I remember working for WesTex back in the day. Worked on rig 12 right as they sold out to Patterson. Little double with duplex pumps, earth pits and hayrake finger derrick board. My first derrick job
Hows it going,

I broke out with Heartland Drilling Air Rig 8 February 2007 we drilled all around sonora and ozona. The only person I remember was our pusher Phillip McCormick. The crew were all dope heads and dang near got me hurt more than once. After a month of 7 days straight on March 2007 I finally found myself working for a small company called Greenwood Drilling out of San Angelo, TX. I worked over there with my driller Danny Bingham for about a yr and half and was finally talked into getting back to big rigging. So I packed up my stuff and moved to Abilene, TX and May 2008 started working for Patterson-UTI 73 as daylights fifth man. Drillers name was Brian Hale and the pushers were Josh Keyes and Randall Handley. They were both dang good pushers and new how to run the crews and rig well. Rig 73 is by far the best rig I have ever worked on! After going through many pushers, drillers, and hands...Myself moving up to derricks within 6 months of being there the economy took its toll and rig 73 was stacked out. I was moved to rig 60 and then 508 before finally being told that the next rig I could go to was out of albaqurque, new mexico. I told them to put me down as laid off that I'd just take unemployment until the rigs started picking back up. Well a year and a half later my original pushers with Patterson Josh and Randall hired me over at Sendero Drilling Rig 3 as lead tongs. Since I have been there I have gone through about 4 drillers and 6 pushers. Have yet to see a steady hand on my crew and now the newest pusher we have gotten just wants to fire everyone. I thought this would be a good company to work for and Im sticking through all the b******* to see if it gets any better but only time can tell.

Anyone know any good companies to work for let me know...I'd love to get on offshore with Parker drilling but man they are a hard company to get on with.

Well thats my introduction, names Robert, yall keep it real!
i bet we know some of the same folks, my last toolpusher was benny ingram, he worked for safari and wes-tex back in the good ol days
;hey guys im in odessa now originally from abilene/ have worked for patterson adobe and drilled for viking for two years before this last little mini bust. No im a pdsl at b and l casing (casing version of a pusher field safety officer)
How do I go about getting one of those safety jobs. I got over 30 years in drilling
Hey yall,
I broke out in the 90's for Norton Rig 17. Worked for various companies, built rigs for lariat(3,4,5 and 6). I have met some great people in the oilfield. I tried to leave once. But I guess its in my blood to stay and see where it takes me. I am currently drilling for Cactus out of Oklahoma. Out of all of the places I have worked, Cactus is by far the best. Glad I gave the oilfield a second chance!
We moved from Oklahoma to Best Texas in 1947 and I remember it well a I was 4 yrs. old. My dad had 2 old cable tool rigs and he worked for Amerada Oil Co. We moved from Best to Texon which was an oilfield camp bigger than county seat of Big Lake. There was lots of oilfield activity back then. I went to school in Ozona , Biglake and Barnhart. I was drafted in the army 1965 at Mccamey and left west texas. I broke out drilling 1964 for Pool and Gerlich Drilling Co. in reagan county. I worked for FWA and Tom Brown mostly in 1987 to 1970 then went International for 29 years. I have worked 20 different countries. I am still very physically fit and mentally alert and in better health than 90% of men 50 and up. I am 67 and find ome work but most of these managers and Supts. are kids and they won't work me because of age but I still look for work in Texas.
Hi All, I am Jim Albert. I started with FWA, Hillin and Tom Brown in 1972. A lot of the time in Big Lake on the Rocker B. I left Odessa in1974 for international. Returned for 6 months in 1977. Went back overseas and have never made it back. Had some good times and learned a lot in my two years there.

Ya'll work safe now.


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