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    Gabriel Gareca

    How often should drill pipe be inspected?

    Ive been reading about tubular inspections, but I dont find anything about the frecuency of tubular inspection. @gabriel-gareca started last year - replies: 2


    Hi FriendsHow can one obtain Shut in drill pipe press while using safety valve inside string(flapper in bit sub)? @mohsen started last year - replies: 2
    farah jamali

    NC, IF & REG difference

    Can anyone differentiate b/w these thread connections. I am really confused. specially interchanging b/w NC & IF.Thanks @farah-jamali started last year - replies: 2
    Okan Su

    Piston stroke and piston diameter

    Hi all,I just want to ask if anybody knows the length of stroke and piston diameter of the top hammer hydraulic rock drills, which are RD 520 (produced by Sandvik), HLX 5 (Sandvik), and DHA 600 S (Tamrock) ? I contacted with many people, but I did not be able to reach the info, Could someone help me about it ? @okan-su started last year - replies: 0
    Oluwaseun Oke

    K Rev

    Please, I need the formula for k rev calculation of roller cone type of bit.Thanks @oluwaseun-oke started last year - replies: 3
    Bill Dole

    Fluid Flow Downhole

    Hey, I'mtrying to get some info on fluid mechanics. Basically, what the flow pattern looks like downhole. Thanks for the help. @bill-dole started last year - replies: 1
    Mehdi Mir

    Question-Building Mud Pressure At BHA With Flow Restrictor Valve

    What are the effects of restricting mud flow at the BHA in order to build say 2000psi over annular? Will we blow a bypass valve at the surface or stall the mud pump? Is this not allowed at all in normal drilling operation?I know mud pulsers do this on a millisecond duration but I am talking about restricting and holding pressure for about a... @mehdi-mir started last year - replies: 1
    Jed Mitchener

    Experience with DTH Hammers and Bits?

    Does anyone have any experience using down-the-hole hammers in an oil&gas drilling situation? @jed-mitchener started last year - replies: 0
    Lyes  SS

    Completion Brine preparation problem

    A brine of 1.37 SG was pumped in order to complete a well, one hour few hours after, and while cleaning the mud tanks, the brine was found in the bottom of tanks as solid blocks (cristalized) as it is shown on the pictures. Does anybody know what can be the reason of that ? @lyes-ss started last year - replies: 1
    Deepchand Singh Negi

    Why Is Stand Pipe Pressure Increasing?

    TheStand Pipe Pressure is continuously increasing and is more than the calculated value. Once the tripping is done it falls back for a small amount. But again keeps on rising.Any remedy or any reasons for that.Strainers are being employed @deepchand-singh-negi started last year - replies: 4

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