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Oilfield Acronyms & Terminology


AAADE - American Association of Drilling Engineers
AAODC - American Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (obsolete; superseded by IADC)
ABAN - Abandonment
ACOU - Acoustic
ACQU - Acquisition Log
ADROC - Advanced Rock Properties Report
AFE - Authorization for Expenditure, a process of submitting a business proposal to investors
AHBDF - Along Hole Below Derrick Floor
AIRG - Airgun
AIRRE - Airgun Report
AIT - Array Induction Tool
AL - Appraisal Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued before 1996
ALC - Vertical Seismic Profile Acoustic Log Calibration Report
ALR - Acoustic Log Report
AMS - Aux.iliary Measurement Service Log
ANACO - Analysis of Core Logs Report
ANARE - Analysis Report
AOF - Absolute Open Flow
AOFP - Absolute Open Flow Potential
APD - Application for Permit to Drill
API - American Petroleum Institute: both the organisation and measure of oil weight (API gravity) in ºAPI
APPRE - Appraisal Report
APS - Active Pipe Support
ARACL - Array Acoustic Log
ARESV - Analysis of Reservoir
ARI - Azimuthal Resistivity Image
ARRC - Array Acoustic Report
AS - Array Sonic Processing Log
ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASP - Array Sonic Processing Report
ASV - Annular Safety Valve
AV - Annular Velocity or Apparent Viscosity
AVO - Amplitude Versus Offset (geophysics)
AWB - Annulus Wing Block (XT)
AWO - Approval for Well Operation 



BB or b - prefix denoting a number in billions
bbl - barrel
bcf - billion cubic feet (of natural gas)
BDF - Below Derrick Floor
BDL - Bit Data Log
BGL - Borehole Geometry Log
BGL - Below ground level (used as a datum for depths in a well)
BGS - British Geological Survey
BGT - Borehole Geometry Tool
BGWP - Base of Ground Water Protection
BHA - Bottom Hole Assembly (toolstring on coiled tubing or drill pipe)
BHC - BHC Gamma Ray Log
BHCA - BHC Acoustic Log
BHCS - BHC Sonic Log
BHCT - Bottomhole Circulating Temperature
BHL - Borehole Log
BHP - Bottom Hole Pressure
BHPRP - Borehole Pressure Report
BHSRE - Bottom Hole Sampling Report
BHSS - Borehole Seismic Survey
BHT - Bottomhole Temperature
BHTV - Borehole Television Report
BINXQ - Bond Index Quicklook Log
BIOR - Biostratigraphic Range Log
BIORE - Biostratigraphy Study Report
BIVDL - BI/DK/WF/Casing Collar Locator/Gamma Ray Log
BLI - Bottom of Logging Interval
BO - Back Off Log
boe - barrel(s) of oil equivalent
boed - barrel(s) of oil equivalent per day
boepd - barrel(s) of oil equivalent per day
BOM - Bill of Materials
BOP - Blowout preventer
bopd - barrel(s) of oil per day
BOREH - Borehole Seismic Analysis
BOTHL - Bottom Hole Locator Log
BOTTO - Bottom Hole Pressure/Temperature Report
bpd - barrels per day
BPFL - Borehole Profile Log
BPLUG - Baker Plug
BPV - Back Pressure Valve (goes on the end of coiled tubing a drill pipe tool strings to prevent fluid flow in the wrong direction)
BQL - B/QL Log
BRPLG - Bridge Plug Log
BRT - Below Rotary Table (used as a datum for depths in a well)
BS&W - Basic Sediments and Water
BTHL - Bottom Hole Log
BTU - British Thermal Units
BUR - Build-Up Rate
bwd - barrels of water per day (often used in reference to oil production)
bwpd - barrels of water per day 



 CC&E - Well completion and equipment cost
C&S - Cased and Suspended
C1 - Methane
C2 - Ethane
C3 - Propane
C4 - Butane
C6 - Hexanes
C7+ - Heavy Hydrocarbon Components
CA - Core Analysis Log
CALIL - Caliper Log
CALOG - Circumferential Acoustic Log
CALVE - Calibrated Velocity Log Data
CAPP - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CAS - Casing Log
CB - Core Barrel
CBL - Cement Bond Log (measurement of casing cement integrity)
CBM - Choke Bridge Module - XT Choke
CBM - Conventional Buoy Mooring
CBM - Coal Bed Methane
CCHT - Core Chart Log
CCL - Casing Collar Locator (in perforation or completion operations, the tool provides depths by correlation of the casing string's magnetic anomaly with known casaing features)
CCLP - Casing Collar Locator Perforation
CCLTP - Casing Collar Locator Through Tubing Plug
CD - Core Description
CDATA - Core Data
CDIS - CDI Synthetic Seismic Log
CDU - Control Distribution Unit
CDP - Common Depth Point (geophysics)
CDP - Comprehensive Drilling Plan
CDRCL - Compensated Dual Resistivity Cal. Log
CE - CE Log
CERE - Cement Remedial Log
CECAN - CEC Analysis
CEME - Cement Evaluation
CET - Cement Evaluation Tool
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
CGL - Core Gamma Log
CGPH - Core Graph Log
CGR - Condensate gas ratio
CGTL - Compact Gas to liquids (production equipment small enough to fit on a ship)
CHCNC - CHCNC Gamma Ray Casing Collar Locator
CHDTP - Caliper HDT Playback Log
CHECK - Checkshot and Acoustic Calibration Report
CHESM - Contractor, Health, Environment and Safety Management
CHKSR - Checkshot Survey Report
CHKSS - Checkshot Survey Log
CHP - Casing Hanger Pressure (pressure in an annulus as measured at the casing hanger)
CHROM - Chromatolog
CILD - Conduction Log
CIMV - Chemical Injection Metering Valve
CITHP - Closed In Tubing Head Pressure (tubing head pressure when the well is shut in)
CIV - Chemical Injection Valve
CL - Core Log
CLG - Core Log and Graph
CM - Choke Module
CMP - Common Midpoint (geophysics)
CND - Compensated Neutron Density
CNFDP - CNFD True Vertical Depth Playback Log
CNGR - Compensated Neutron Gamma Ray Log
CNL - Compensated Neutron Log
CNS - Central North Sea
COL - Collar Log
COMAN - Compositional Analysis
COML - Compaction Log
COMP - Composite Log
COMPR - Completion Program Report
COMPU - Computest Report
COMRE - Completion Record Log
CONDE - Condensate Analysis Report
CONDR - Continuous Directional Log
CORAN - Core Analysis Report
CORE - Core Report
CORG - Corgun Log
CORIB - Coriband Log
CORLG - Correlation Log
COROR - Core Orientation Report
COXY - Carbon/Oxygen Log
CPI separator - Corrugated plate interceptor
CPICB - CPI Coriband Log
CPIRE - CPI Report
CRET - Cement Retainer Setting Log
CsF - Caesium Formate (coincidentally also an acronym of the sole large-scale supplier of caesium formate brine, Cabot Specialty Fluids.)
csg - casing
CSHN - Cased Hole Neutron Log
CSMT - Core Sampler Tester Log
CSPG - Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CSTAK - Core Sample Taken Log
CSTRE - CST Report
CSUG - Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas
CT - Coiled Tubing
CTD - Coiled Tubing Drilling
CTCO - Coiled Tubing Clean Out
CTRAC - Cement Tracer Log
CUT - Cutter Log
CUTTD - Cuttings Description Report
CWOR- Completion Work Over Riser
CYBD - Cyberbond Log
CYBLK - Cyberlook Log
CYDIP - Cyberdip Log
CYDN - Cyberdon Log
CYPRO - Cyberproducts Log



DD&C - Drilling and Completions
DAC - Dipole Acoustic Log
DARCI - Darci Log
DAZD - Dip and Azimuth Display
DC - Drill Collar(s)
DCALI - Dual Caliper Log
DD - Directional Driller or Directional Drilling
DDBHC - DDBHC Waveform Log
DDET - Depth Determination Log
DDM - Derrick Drilling Machine (a.k.a. Top Drive)
DDNL - Dual Det. Neutron Life Log
DDPT - Drill Data Plot Log
DECC - Department for Energy and Climate Change (United Kingdom)
DECT - Decay Time
DEFSU - Definitive Survey Report
DELTA - Delta-T Log
DEN - Density Log
DEPAN - Deposit Analysis Report
DEPC - Depth Control Log
DESFL - Deep Induction SFL Log
DEV - Development Well, Lahee classification
DEVLG - Deviation Log
DEXP - D-Exponent Log
DF - Derrick Floor
DFR - Drilling Factual Report
DH - Drilling History
DHC - Depositional History Curve
DHSV - Downhole Safety Valve
DHPTT - Downhole Pressure/Temperature Transducer
DIEGR - Dielectric Gamma Ray Log
DIL - Dual Induction Log
DILB - Dual Induction BHC Log
DILL - Dual Induction Laterolog
DILLS - Dual Induction Log-LSS
DILSL - Dual Induction Log-SLS
DIM - Directional Inertia Mechanism
DINT - Dip Interpretation
DIP - Dipmeter Log
DIPAR - Dipole Acoustic Report
DIPBH - Dipmeter Borehole Log
DIPFT - Dipmeter Fast Log
DIPLP - Dip Lithology Pressure Log
DIPRE - Dipmeter Report
DIPRM - Dip Removal Log
DIPSA - Dipmeter Soda Log
DIPSK - Dipmeter Stick Log
DIRS - Directional Survey Log
DIRSU - Directional Survey Report
DISO - Dual Induction Sonic Log
DL - Development Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued before 1996
DLIST - Dip List Log
DLL - Dual Laterolog
DLS - Dog-Leg Severity (directional drilling)
DMA - Dead Man Anchor
DNHO - Downhole Logging
DOE - Department of Energy, United States
DOWRE - Downhole Report
DP - Drill Pipe
DPDV - Dynamically-Positioned Drilling Vessel
DPL - Dual Propagation Log
DPLD - Differential Pressure Levitated Device (or Vehicle)
DPRES - Dual Propagation Resistivity Log
DPT - Deeper Pool Test, Lahee classification
DQLC - Dipmeter Quality Control Log
DR - Dummy Run Log
DR - Drilling Report
DRI - Drift Log
DRLCT - Drilling Chart
DRLOG - Drilling Log
DRLPR - Drilling Proposal/Prog. Report
DRPG - Drilling Program Report
DRPRS - Drilling Pressure
DRREP - Drilling Report
DRYRE - Drying Report
DS - Deviation Survey
DSCAN - DSC Analysis Report
DSI - Dipole Shear Imager
DSPT - Cross Plots Log
DST - Drill Stem Test
DSTL - Drill Stem Test Log
DSTND - Dual Space Thermal Neutron Density Log
DSTPB - Drill Stem Test True Vertical Depth Playback Log
DSTR - Drill Stem Test Report
DSTRE - Drill Stem Test Report
DSTSM - Drill Stem Test Summary Report
DSTW - Drill Stem Test Job Report/Works
DSV - Diving Support Vessel or Drilling Supervisor
DTI - Department of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom) (obsolete; superseded by dBERR, which was then superseded by DECC)
DTPB - CNT True Vertical Depth Playback Log
DTT - Depth To Time
DWOP - Drilling Well on Paper (a theoretical exercise conducted involving the Service provider managers)
DWQL - Dual Water Quicklook Log
DWSS - Dig Well Seismic Surface Log
DXC - DXC Pressure Pilot Report


EE&A - Exploration and Appraisal
E&P - Exploration and Production
ECD - Equivalent Circulating Density
ECP - External Casing Packer
ECRD - Electrically Controlled Release Tool
EDP - Exploration Drilling Program Report
EDP - Emergency Disconnect Package
EFR - Engineering Factual Report
EGMBE - Ethylene Glycol Mono-Butyl Ether
ELT - Economic Limit Test
EL - Electric Log
EMOP - EMOP Well Site Processing Log
EMP - Electromagnetic Propagation Log
EN PI - Enhanced Productivity Index Log
ENG - Engineering Log
ENGF - Engineer Factual Report
ENGPD - Engineering Porosity Data
ENJ - Enerjet Log
EOFL - End of Field Life
EOR - Enhanced Oil Recovery
EOW - End Of Well Report
EPCU - Electrical Power Conditioning Unit
EPIDORIS - Exploration and Production Integrated Drilling Operations and Reservoir Information System
EPLG - Epilog
ER(D) - Extended Reach (Drilling)
ESD - Emergency Shut-Down
ESP - Electric Submersible Pump
ETAP - Eastern Trough Area Project
ETTD - Electromagnetic Thickness Test
ETU - Electrical Test Unit
EVARE - Evaluation Report
EWR - End Of Well Report
EXL - or XL, Exploration Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued between the First Onshore Licensing Round (1986) and the Sixth (1992)



FFAC - Factual Report
FACHV - Four Arm Caliper Log
FANAL - Formation Analysis Sheet Log
FC - Float Collar
FCP - Final circulating pressure
FCVE - F Curve Log
FDC - Formation Density Log
FDP - Field Development Plan
FDS - Functional Design Specification
FEED - Front End Engineering and Design
FER - Field Equipment Room
FEWD - Formation Evaluation While Drilling
FFAC - Formation Factor Log
FFM - Full Field Model
FGEOL - Final Geological Report
FH - Full Hole tool joint
FID - Final Investment Decision
FINST - Final Stratigraphic Report
FINTP - Formation Interpretation
FIT - Formation Integrity Test
FIV - Formation Isolation Valve
FL - F Log
FLIV - FlowLine Injection Valve
FLIV - Flowline Isolation Valve
FLOPR - Flow Profile Report
FLOT - Flying Lead Orientation Tool
FLOW - Flow & Buildup Test Report
FLS - Fluid Sample
flt - Fault (geology)
FMECA - Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
FMI - Formation Microimager Log
FMP - Formation Microscan Report
FMS - Formation Multiscan Log
FMTAN - FMT Analysis Report
FOSV - Full Opening Safety Valve
FPIT - Free Point Indicator Tool
FPL - Flow Analysis Log
FPLAN - Field Plan Log
FPSO - Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel
FPU - Floating Processing Unit
FRA - Fracture Log
FRARE - Fracture Report
FRES - Final Reserve Report
FS - Fail Safe (as in FS valve)
FSB - Flowline Support Base
FSI - Flawless Start-up Initiative
FSO - Floating Storage Offloading vessel
FT - Formation Tester Log
FTRE - Formation Testing Report
FULDI - Full Diameter Study Report
FV - Funnel Viscosity or Float Valve
FWKO - Free water knock out
FWL - Free water level
FWR - Final Well Report
FWV - Flow Wing Valve (also known as Production Wing Valve on a Xmas tree)



GG/C - Gas Condensate
GAS - Gas Log
GASAN - Gas Analysis Report
GBS - Gravity Based Structure
GBT - Gravity Base Tank
GCLOG - Graphic Core Log
GDIP - Geodip Log
GE - Condensate gas equivalent
GEOCH - Geochemical Evaluation
GEOEV - Geochemical Evaluation Report
GEOFO - Geological & Formation Evaluation Report
GEOL - Geological Surveillance Log
GEOP - Geophone Data Log
GEOPN - Geological Well Prognosis Report
GEOPR - Geological Operations Prog. Report
GEORE - Geological Report
GGRG - Gauge Ring
GIIP - Gas Initially In Place
GIS - Geographic Information System(s)
GL - Gas Lift or Ground Level
GLM - Gas Lift Mandrel (alternative name for Side Pocket Mandrel)
GLR - Gas Liquid Ratio
GLV - Gas Lift Valve
GOC - Gas Oil Contact
GOM - Gulf of Mexico
GOP - Geological Operations Report
GOR - Gas Oil Ratio
GOSP - Gas/Oil Separation Plant
GPIT - Inclinometry Tool Log
GPLT - Geol Plot Log
GPSL - Geo Pressure Log
GRAD - Gradiometer Log
GRLOG - Grapholog
GRN - Gamma Ray Neutron Log
GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic
GRV - Gross Rock Volume
GRSVY - Gradient Survey Log
GTL - Gas to liquids
GTW - Gas To Wire
GUN - Gun Set Log
GWC - Gas-Water Contact
GWREP - Geo Well Report



HHAZID - Hazard Identification (meeting)
HC - Hydrocarbons
HCCS - Horizontal Clamp Connection System
HDT - High Resolution Dipmeter Log
HEXT - Hex Diplog
HGS - High (specific-)Gravity Solids
HL - Hook Load
HP - Hydrostatic Pressure
HPGAG - High Pressure Gauge
HPHT - High Pressure High Temperature (same as HTHP)
HPPS - HP Pressure Log
HPU - Hydraulic Power Unit
HSE - Health, Safety and Environment or Health & Safety Executive (United Kingdom)
HTHP - High Temperature High Pressure (same as HPHT)
HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current
HWDP - Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe (sometimes spelled Hevi-Wate)
HUD - Hold Up Depth
HWDP - Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
HYPJ - Hyperjet
HYROP - Hydrophone Log



II:P - Injector To Producer Ratio
IADC - International Association of Drilling Contractors
IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container
ICoTA - Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association
ICV - Interval Control Valve
ID - Inner or Internal Diameter (of a tubular component such as a casing)
IDC - Intangible Drilling Costs
IEB - Induction Electro BHC Log
IEL - Induction Electrical Log
IF - Internal Flush tool joint
IH - Gamma Ray Log
IJL - Injection Log
IL - Induction Log
ILI - InLine Inspection (Intelligent Pigging)
ILOGS - Image Logs
IMAG - Image Analysis Report
INCR - Incline Report
INCRE - Incline Report
INDWE - Individual Well Record Report
INJEC - Injection Falloff Log
INSUR - Inrun Survey Report
INVES - Investigative Program Report
IOC - International Oil Company
IPAA - Independent Petroleum Association of America
IPC - Installed Production Capacity
IPR - Inflow Performance Relationship
IR - Interpretation Report
IRTJ - IRTJ Gamma Ray Slimhole Log
ISF - ISF Sonic Log
ISFCD - ISF Conductivity Log
ISFGR - ISF GR Casing Collar Locator Log
ISFP - ISF Sonic True Vertical Depth Playback Log
ISFPB - ISF True Vertical Depth Playback Log
ITS - Influx To Surface
IWCF - International Well Control Federation
IWOCS- Installation / Workover Control System



JJ&A - Junked and abandoned
JB - Junk Basket
JU - Jack-Up drilling rig
JT - Joule-Thomson (effect/valve/separator)



KKOP - Kick-Off Point (directional drilling)
KOP - Kick Off Plug
KRP - Kill rate pressure
KB - Kelly Bushing


LLACT - Lease Automatic Custody Transfer
LAT - Lowest Astronomical Tide
LCM - Lost Circulation Material
LCNLG - LDT CNL Gamma Ray Log
LDL - Litho Density Log
LDTEP - LDT EPT Gamma Ray Log
LEAKL - Leak Detection Log
LEPRE - Litho-Elastic Property Report
LGR - Liquid Gas Ratio
LGS - Low (specific-)Gravity Solids
LINCO - Liner and Completion Prog. Report
LIOG - Lithography Log
LITDE - Litho Density Quicklook Log
LITHR - Lithological Description Report
LITRE - Lithostratigraphy Report
LITST - Lithostratigraphic Log
LKO - Lowest Known Oil
LL - Laterolog
LMAP - Location Map
LMRP - Lower Marine Riser Package
LMV - Lower Master Valve (on a Xmas tree)
LNG - Liquified Natural Gas
LOE - Lease Operating Expenses
LOGGN - Logging Whilst Drilling
LOGRS - Log Restoration Report
LOGSM - Log Sample
LOLER - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
LOT - Leak-Off Test
LOT - Linear Override Tool
LOT - Lock Open Tool
LP - Low Pressure
LSBGR - Long Spacing BHC GR Log
LSSON - Long Spacing Sonic Log
LT - Linear Time
LUMI - Luminescence Log
LVEL - Linear Velocity Log
LWD - Logging While Drilling



MM or m - prefix designating a number in thousands (not to be confused with SI prefix M for mega- or m for milli)
MAASP - Maximum Acceptable [or Allowable] Annular Shut-in Pressure
MAC - Multipole Acoustic Log
MACL - Multiarm Caliper Log
MAGST - Magnetostratigraphic Report
MARA - Maralog
MAWP - Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
mbd - thousand barrels per day
mbod - thousand barrels of oil per day
MCM - Manifold Choke Module
MCS - Manifold & Connection System
MCS - Master Control Station
mD - millidarcy, measure of permeability, with units of area
MD - Measured Depth (see also MDSS)
MD - Measurements/Drilling Log
MDL - Methane Drainage Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence allowing natural gas to be collected "in the course of operations for making and keeping safe mines whether or not disused"
MDSS - Measured Depth Sub-Sea
MDT - Modular formation Dynamic Tester
MEG - Mono Ethylene Glycol
MEPRL - Mechanical Properties Log
MERCR - Mercury Injection Study Report
MERG - Merge FDC/CNL/Gamma Ray/Dual Laterolog/Micro SFL Log
MF - Marsh Funnel (mud viscosity)
MFCT - Multifinger Caliper Tool
MGL - Magnelog
MIFR - Mini Frac Log
MINL - Minilog
MIPAL - Micropalaeo Log
MIYP - maximum internal yield pressure
mKB - Meters below Kelly Bushing
ML - Microlog
MLL - Microlaterolog
MM or mm - prefix designating a number in millions (not to be confused with SI unit mm for millimetre)
mmbd - million barrels per day
mmbod - million barrels of oil per day
MMS - Minerals Management Service, (United States)
mmscfd - million standard cubic feet per day
mmstb - million stock barrels
MNP - Merge and Playback Log
MODU - Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOPU - Mobile Offshore Production Unit
MPA - Micropalaeo Analysis Report
MPD - Managed Pressure Drilling
MPFM - Multi-Phase Flow Meter
MPK - Merged Playback Log
MPS - Manufacturing Procedure Specification
MQC - Multi Quick Connection Plate
MR - Marine Riser
MRCV - Multi Reverse Circulating Valve
MRIRE - Magnetic Resonance Image Report
MSCT - MSCT Gamma Ray Log
MSFL - Micro SFL Log
MSL - Mean sea level
MSL - Micro Spherical Log
MSS - Magnetic Single Shot
MST - MST EXP Resistivity Log
MTT - MTT Multi-Isotope Trace Tool
MUD - Mud Log
MUDT - Mud Temperatire Log
MuSol - Mutual Solvent
MVB - Master Valve Block (XT)
MWD - Measurement While Drilling
MWDRE - Measurement While Drilling Report


  NNACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NAPF - Non Aqueous Phase Fluid
NASA - Non Active Side Arm (term used in the North Sea for kill wing valve on a Xmas tree)
NAVIG - Navigational Log
NB - Nominal Bore
NEUT - Neutron Lhttp://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_oil_field_acronyms&action=edit&section=15og
NFG - 'No F****** Good' used for marking damaged equipment, not to be confused with NG being natural gas
NFI - No Further Investment
NFW - New Field Wildcat, Lahee classification
NGDC - National Geoscience Data Centre (United Kingdom)
NGL - Natural Gas Liquids
NGR - Natural Gamma Ray
NGRC - National Geological Records Centre (United Kingdom)
NGSS - NGS Spectro Log
NGTR - NGT Ratio Log
NHDA - National Hydrocarbons Data Archive (United Kingdom)
NHPV - Net Hydrocarbon Pore Volume
NNS - Northern North Sea
NOISL - Noise Log
NOC - National Oil Company
NPD - Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Norway
NPS - Nominal Pipe Size (sometimes NS)
NPSH - Net Positive Suction Head
NPV - Net Present Value
NRV - Non Return Valve (Chicksan valve that only allows flow in one direction)
NPW - New Pool Wildcat, Lahee classification
NS - North Sea
NTHF - Non-Toxic High Flash
NTU - Nephelometric Turbidity Unit
NUMAR - Magnetic Resonance Image Log


  OO&G - Oil and Gas (referring to the industry or the companies in it)
OBEVA - OBDT Evaluation Report
OBM - Oil-Based Mud
OCL - Quality Control Log
OCTG - Oil Country Tubular Goods
OD - Outer Diameter (of a tubular component such as casing)
ODT - Oil Down To
OFST - Offset Vertical Seismic Profile
OH - Openhole Log
OIM - Offshore Installation Manager
OOE - Offshore Operation Engineer (senior technical authority on an offshore oil platform)
OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPL - Operations Log
OPRES - Overpressure Log
OPS - Operations Report
ORICO - Oriented Core Data Report
OTL - Operations Team Leader
OWC - Oil Water Contact
OT - Off Tree
OUT - Outpost, Lahee classification
OVCH - Oversize Charts
OBCS- Ocean Bottom Cable System
OWC - Oil-Water Contact



PP&A - plugged and abandoned (of a well)
PEA - Palaeo Environment Study Report
PADPRT - Pressure Assisted Drillpipe Running Tool
PAL - Palaeo Chart
PALYN - Palynological Analysis Report
PAR - Pre-Assembled Rack
PAU - Pre-Assembled Unit
PBDMS - Playback DMSLS Log
PBR - Polished Bore Receptacle (component of a completion string)
PBTD - Plug Back Total Depth
PBU - Pressure Build Up (applies to integrity testing on valves)
PCCL - Perforation Casing Collar Locator Log
PCDM - Power and Control Distribution Module
PCKR - Packer Log
PCOLL - Perforation and Collar
PDC - Perforation Depth Control
PDC - Polycrystalline Diamond Composite (a type of drilling bit)
PDG - Permanent Downhole Gauge
PDKR - PDK 100 Report
PDP - Proved Developed Reserves
PDNP - Proved Developed Not Producing
PE - Petroleum Engineer (but more universally, Professional Engineer)
PEDL - Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (United Kingdom), introduced in the 8th Onshore Licensing Round
PENL - Penetration Log
PERDC - Perforation Depth Control
PERFO - Perforation Log
PERM - Permeability
PERML - Permeability Log
PESBG - Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
PETA - Petrographical Analysis Report
PETD - Petrographic Data Log
PETLG - Petrophysical Evaluation Log
PETPM - Petrography Permeametry Report
PETRP - Petrophysical Evaluation Report
PLET - Pipeline End Termination
PFPG - Perforation Plug Log
PFREC - Perforation Record Log
PG - Pressure Gauge (Report)
PGB - Permanent Guide Base
PGOR - Produced Gas Oil Ratio
PH - Phasor Log
PHASE - Phasor Processing Log
PHOL - Photon Log
PHYFM - Physical Formation Log
PI - Productivity Index or (Permit Issued)
PINTL - Production Interpretation
PL - Production Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued before 1996
PLG - Plug Log
PLS - Position Location System
PLT - Production Logging Tool
PLTQ - Production Logging Tool Quicklook Log
PLTRE - Production Logging Tool Report
PMI - Positive Material Identification
POBM - Pseudo-Oil-Based Mud
POOH - Pull Out Of Hole
PON - Petroleum Operations Notice (United Kingdom)
POR - Density Porosity Log
POSFR - Post Fracture Report
POSTW - Post Well Appraisal Report
POSWE - Post Well Summary Report
PP - DXC Pressure Plot Log
ppcf - Pounds Per Cubic Foot
ppg - Pounds Per Gallon
PPI - Post Production Inspection/Intervention
PPI - Post Pipelay Installation
pptf - Pounds (per square inch) Per Thousand Feet (of depth) - a unit of fluid density/pressure peculiar to Shell
PPS - Production Packer Setting
PR2 - Testing regime to API6A Annex F
PRA - Production Reporting & Allocation
PREC - Perforation Record
PRESS - Pressure Report
PROD - Production Log
PROTE - Production Test Report
PROX - Proximity Log
PRSRE - Pressure Gauge Report
PSANA - Pressure Analysis
PSA - Production Sharing Agreement
PSC - Production Sharing Contract
PSIA - Pounds Per Square Inch Atmospheric
PSIG - Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PSL - Product Specification Level
PSLOG - Pressure Log
PSP - pseudostatic spontaneous potential
PSPL - PSP Leak Detection Log
PSQ - Plug Squeeze Log
PSVAL - Pressure Evaluation Log
PTS - Pipeline Termination Structure
PTSET - Production Test Setter
PTTC - Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, United States
PUD - Proved Undeveloped Reserves
PUN - Puncher Log
PUR - Plant Upset Report
PUWER - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
PV - Plastic Viscosity
PVT - Pressure Volume Temperature
PVTRE - Pressure Volume Temperature Report
PW - Produced Water
PWB - Production Wing Block (XT)
PWRI - Produced Water Re-Injection
PWV - Production Wing Valve (also known as a flow wing valve on a Xmas tree)
PSD - Planned Shut-Down
PMV - Production Master Valve



QQC - Quality control
QCR - Quality Control Report
QL - Quicklook Log



RRAC - Ratio Curves
RACI - Responsible / Accountable / Consulted / Informed
RAWS - Raw Stacks VSP Log
RBP - Retrievable Bridge Plug
RCKST - Rig Checkshot
RCD - Rotating Control Device
RCL - Retainer Correlation Log
RCR - Remote Component Replacement(Tool)
RE - Reservoir Engineer
REOR - Reorientation Log
RE-PE - Re-Perforation Report
RESAN - Reservoir Analysis
RESEV - Reservoir Evaluation
RESFL - Reservoir Fluid
RESI - Resistivity Log
RESL - Reservoir Log
RESOI - Residual Oil
REZ - Renewable Energy Zone (United Kingdom)
RF - Recovery Factor
RFLNG - Ready for LNG
RFMTS - Repeat Formation Tester
RFSU - Ready For Start-Up
RFT - Repeat Formation Tester
RFTRE - Repeat Formation Tester Report
RFTS - Repeat Formation Tester Sample
RIGMO - Rig Move
RIH - Run In Hole
RITT - Riser Insertion Tube (Tool) [1]
RKB - Rotary Kelly Bushing (a datum for measuring depth in an oil well)
RLOF - Rock Loadout Facility
RMLC - Request for Mineral Land Clearance
RMS - Ratcheting Mule Shoe
ROCT - Rotary Coring Tool
ROP - Rate of Penetration
ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle, used for subsea construction and maintenance
ROWS - Remote Operator Workstation
RPCM - Ring Pair Corrosion Monitoring
RROCK - Routine Rock Properties Report
RSS - Rig Site Survey
RST - Reservoir Saturation Tool (Schlumberger) Log
RTTS - Retrievable Test-Treat-Squeeze (packer)



SSAGD - Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
SALM - Single Anchor Loading Mooring
SAML - Sample Log
SAMTK - Sample Taker Log
SANDA - Sandstone Analysis Log
SBF - Synthetic Base Fluid
SBM - Synthetic Base Mud
SBT - Segmented Bond Tool
SC - Seismic Calibration
SCAL - Special core analysis
SCAP - Scallops Log
SCDES - Sidewall Core Description
scf - standard cubic feet (of natural gas)
SCHLL - Schlumberger Log also SCHLO, SCHLU
SCM(MB) - Subsea Control Module (Mounting Base)
SCO - Synthetic crude oil
SCRS - Sidewall Cores
SCSSSV - Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
SD - Sonic Density
SDFN - Shut Down For Night
SDIC - Sonic Dual Induction
SDL - Supplier Document List
SDPBH - SDP Bottom Hole Pressure Report
SDT - Step Draw-down Test (sometimes SDDT)
SDU - Subsea Distribution Unit
SEA - Strategic Environmental Assessment (United Kingdom)
SECGU - Section Gauge Log
SEDHI - Sedimentary History
SEDIM - Sedimentology
SEDL - Sedimentology Log
SEDRE - Sedimentology REport
SEM - Subsea Electronics Module
Semi (or Semi-Sub) - Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig
SEPAR - Separator Sampling Report
SEQSU - Sequential Survey
SG - Static Gradient
SGUN - Squeeze Gun
SHA - Sensor Harness Assembly
SHO - Stab and Hinge Over
SHOCK - Shcok Log
SHOWL - Show Log
SI/TA - Shut In/Temporarily Abandoned
SICP - Shut-In Casing Pressure
SIDPP - Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure
SIDSM - Sidewall Sample
SIP - Shut In Pressure
SIPES - Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, United States
SIT - System Integration Test
SITHP - Shut In Tubing Hanger Pressure (another term for CITHP)
SITT - Single TT Log
SKPLT - Stick Plot Log
SL - Seismic Lines
SMLS - Seamless Pipe
SNP - Sidewall Neutron Porosity
SNS - Southern North Sea
SONCB - Sonic Calibration Log
SONRE - Sonic Calibration Report
SONWR - Sonic Waveform Report
SONWV - Sonic Waveform Log
SP - Shot point (geophysics)
SP - Spontaneous Potential (Well Log)
SPCAN - Special core analysis
SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers
SPEAN - Spectral Analysis
SPEL - Spectralog
SPFM - Single Phase Flow Meter
SPM - Side Pocket Mandrel or Strokes Per Minute (of a positive-displacement pump)
SPOP - Spontaneous Potential Log
SPP - Stand Pipe Pressure
SPROF - Seismic Profile
SPS - Subsea Production Systems
SPT - Shallower Pool Test, Lahee classification
SQL - Siesmic Quicklook Log
SREC - Seismic Record Log
SRT - Site Receival Test
SS - Subsea, as in a datum of depth, e.g. TVDSS (true vertical depth subsea)
SSG - Sidewall Sample Gun
SSMAR - Synthetic Seismic Marine Log
SSPLR - Subsea Pig Launcher/Receiver
SSSL - Supplementary Seismic Survey Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence
SSSV - Sub-Surface Safety Valve
SSTT - Subsea Test Tree
SSV - Surface Safety Valve
stab - Stabiliser
STAGR - Static Gradient Survey Report
stb - stock tank barrel
STFL - Steel Tube Fly Lead
STGL - Stratigraphic Log
STIMU - Stimulation Report
STKPT - Stuck Point
STL - STL Gamma Ray Log
STRAT - Stratigraphy, stratigraphic
STRRE - Stratigraphy Report
STOIIP - Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place
STOP - Safety Training Observation Program
STSH - String Shot
SUML - Summarised Log
SUMRE - Summary Report
SUMST - Geological Summary Sheet
SURF - Subsea/Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines
SURFR - Surface Sampling Report
SURRE - Survey Report
SURVL - Survey Chart Log
SUT(A/B) - Subsea Umbilical Termination (Assembly/Box)
SWE - Senior Well Engineer
SV - Sleeve Valve
SYNRE - Synthetic Seismic Report
SYSEI - Synthetic Seismogram Log



TTAGOGR - Thermally Assisted Gas/Oil Gravity Drainage
TAPLI - Tape Listing
TAPVE - Tape Verification
TAR - True Amplitude Recovery
TB - Tubing Puncher Log
TBT - Through Bore Tree
TCI - Tunsgten Carbide Insert (a type of rollercone drillbit)
TCF - Temporary Construction Facilities
TCF - Trillion Cubic Feet(of gas)
TCPD - Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Depth
TD - Target Depth
TD - Total Depth (depth of the end of the well; also a verb, to reach the final depth, used as an acronym in this case)
TDD - Total Depth (Logger)
TDL - Total Depth (Driller)
TDS - Top Drive System
TDT GR - TDT Gamma Ray Casing Collar Locator Log
TELER - Teledrift Report
TEMP- Temperature Log
TFL - Through Flow Line
TGB - Temporary Guide Base
TGOR - Total Gas Oil Ratio (GOR uncorrected for gas lift gas present in the production fluid)
TH - Tubing Hanger
THERM - Thermometer Log
THP - Tubing Hanger Pressure (pressure in the production tubing as measured at the tubing hanger)
TIE - Tie In Log
TIEBK - Tieback Report
TLI - Top of Logging Interval
TLOG - Technical Log
TMCM - Tranverse Mercator Central Meridian
TNDT - Thermal Neutron Decay Time
TNDTG - Thermal Neutron Decay Time/Gamma Ray Log
TOC - Top Of Cement
TOC - Total Organic Content
TOOH - Trip Out Of Hole
TOL - Top Of Liner
TORAN - Torque and Drag Analysis
TPERF - Tool Performance
TSI - Temporarily Shut In
TR - Temporary Refuge
TRA - Tracer Log
TRACL - Tractor Log
TRD - Total Report Data
TREAT - Treatment Report
TREP - Test Report
TRIP - Trip Condition Log
TRSV - Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve
TRSCSSV - Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
TRSCSSSV - Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve
TT - Transit Time Log
TTRD - Through Tubing Rotary Drilling
TV/BIP - Ratio of Total Volume (ore and overburden) to Bitumen In Place
TVBDF - True Vertical Depth Below Derrick Floor
TVD - True Vertical Depth
TVDPB - True Vertical Depth Playback Log
TVDSS - True Vertical Depth Sub Sea
TVELD - Time and Velocity to Depth
TVRF - True Vertical Depth versus Repeat Formation Tester
TWT - Two-Way Time (seismic)
TWTTL - Two-Way Travel Time Log



UUBI - Ultrasonic Borehole Imager
UBIRE - Ultrasonic Borehole Imager Report
UFJ - Upper Flex Joint
UGF - Universal Guide Frame
UIC - Underground Injection Control
UKCS - United Kingdom Continental Shelf
UKOOA - United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association
UKOOG - United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group
ULCGR - Uncompressed LDC CNL Gamma Ray Log
UMCA - Umbilical Midline Connection Assembly
UMV - Upper Master Valve (from a Xmas tree)
URT - Universal Running Tool
USGS - United States Geological Survey
UTA - Umbilical Termination Assembly
UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator



VVDENL - Variation Density Log
VDU - Vacuum Distillation Unit, used in processing bitumen
VELL - Velocity Log
VERAN - Verticality Analysis
VERIF - Verification List
VERLI - Verification Listing
VERTK - Vertical Thickness
VIR - Value Investment Ratio
VISME - Viscosity Measurement
VIV - Vortex induced Vibration
VLP - Vertical Lift Performance
VO - Variation Order
VOR - Variation Order Request
VRR - Voidage Replacement Ratio
VSP - Vertical Seismic Profile
VSPRO - Vertical Seismic Profile
VTDLL - Vertical Thickness Dual Laterolog
VTFDC - Vertical Thickness FDC CNL Log
VTISF - Vertical Thickness ISF Log
VWL - Velocity Well Log



WWABAN - Well Abandonment Report
WAG - Water Alternating Gas (describes an injection well which alternates between water and gas injection)
WALKS - Walkaway Seismic Profile
WATAN - Water Analysis
WAVF - Waveform Log
WBM - Water-Based Mud
WC - Watercut
WE - Well Engineer
WEG - Wireline Entry Guide
WELDA - Well Data Report
WELP - Well Log Plot
WEQL - Well Equipment Layout
WESTR - Well Status Record
WESUR - Well Summary Report
WFAC - Waveform Acoustic Log
WGEO - Well Geophone Report
WGFM - Wet Gas Flow Meter
WGUNT - Water Gun Test
WH - Well History
WHIG - Whitehouse Gauge
WHP - Wellhead Pressure
WI - Water Injection
WI - Working Interest
WIPSP - WIP Stock Packer
WLC - Wireline Composite Log
WLL - Wireline Logging
WLSUM - Well Summary
WHM - Wellhead Maintenance
WHP - Wellhead Pressure
WOB - Weight On Bit
WOC - Wait on Cement
WOE - Well Operations Engineer (a key person of Well services)
WOM - Wait on Material
WORKO - Workover
WOS - West of Shetland, oil province on the UKCS
WOW - Wait On Weather
WP - Well Proposal or Working Pressure
WPLAN - Well Course Plan
WPQ - Weld Procedure Qualification
WPR - Well Prognosis Report
WR - Wireline Retievable (as in a WR Plug)
WRS - Well Report Sepia
WRSCSSV - Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
WSCL - Well Site Core Log
WSE - Well Seismic Edit
WSERE - Well Seismic Edit Report
WSHT - Well Shoot
WSL - Well Site Log
WSP - Well Seismic Profile
WSR - Well Shoot Report
WSS - Well Services Supervisor (leader of Well services at the wellsite)
WSSAM - Well Site Sample
WSSOF - WSS Offset Profile
WSSUR - Well Seismic Survey Plot
WSTL - Well Site Test Log
WT - Well Test
WTI - West Texas Intermediate benchmark crude
WUT - Water Up To
WVS - Well Velocity Survey



XXL - or EXL, Exploration Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued between the First Onshore Licensing Round (1986) and the Sixth (1992)
XMT - or XT, XMas Tree (Christmas Tree, the valve assembly on a production well-head)
XO - Cross-Over



Yyl - Holdup Factor
YP - Yield Point



ZZ - Depth, in the geosciences referring to the depth dimension in any x,y,z data.

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