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Drilling Ahead Member Guidelines-Please Read Them

Drilling Ahead is here for anyone with an interest in oilfield work. These guidelines, in conjunction with our Terms of Service, provide advice that we hope make Drilling Ahead an interesting, safe, and productive place to have conversations with others in oilfield related industries.


Please Select A Profile Photo
We want every member to have a unique profile photo so please upload one. The photo does not have to be yourself or even a person. Some users select rig photos and others use landscapes. What's important is that the photo is unique to your profile.Uploading inappropriate images will cause your membership to be suspended. Please keep that in mind.

Add Titles To your Photos and Videos
Drilling Ahead the largest collection of oil and gas related photos and videos on the Internet. To help others search these photos and videos we ask that you add a descriptive title to each photograph & video. Photos and videos with image titles added by cameras will not be approved for posting. Please do not upload thumbnail images-they will be deleted. You guys have some great photos! Please add some great titles and descriptions when uploading them.

Looking For A Job or Wanting to Hire?
Drilling Ahead is a great place to find an oilfield job or to find new employee prospects! However we ask that ALL "Looking For Work" & "I Need To Hire A Hand" posts be made ONLY in the Looking For Work Group. We really toe the line on this policy. If you refuse to follow this guideline your membership will be quickly removed. If you have at least 1 year of drilling rig experience you can use our Job Application Submitter to quickly send your application to a number of sources.

Use a nickname or real name while here if possible. Be “John” and not “RED FORK WELL SERVICES INC.” We love being on a first-name basis.Keep in mind that employers often visit drilling Ahead and there are instances where members have lost their jobs over information they posted here. Feel free to use an alias if needed. We keep all contact information private

Civility Rules
If we want respect and civility to be the hallmarks of Drilling Ahead, we all have to strive to keep the feedback constructive. Profanity will not be tolerated.

Stay On Target
Off-topic, out-of-context, drive-by, cross-posted comments make it hard to follow a conversation. We sometimes remove them to keep the conversation structured and meaningful. Please keep all content oilfield related.

We Scrub The Rig Here
We move Forum discussions that look like they belong in a different category. We close duplicate discussions and point people to ongoing discussions about the same topic. We don’t intend to censor anyone, but we may remove a discussion or replies in a discussion if they’re causing confusion, are mean-spirited, or are otherwise inappropriate (e.g., language). In general, we do our best to tidy up and make things easier to find. We also require an honest attempt at proper spelling and punctuation. Search engines like Google (which we are dependent on) lower the rankings of websites that contain a great deal of spelling errors. If you notice your comment or content was removed then this may have been the reason

Promoters Get Demoted
You may have a great website of your own but this isn't the place to solicit new visitors. Occasionally we allow links in blogs or discussions where the author has provided a wealth of information to our members. We do this on a post by post basis at our discretion. Otherwise please refrain from including promotional links, whether in comments, blogs, discussions or as a signature.

Attackers Will Not Be Defended
It doesn't happen very often, but we will remove people who harass other people. Personal attacks, insults, and unrelenting negativity won’t be tolerated on Drilling Ahead.

Nobody Likes Spam (Except Spammers)
What is spam? Spam is a noun: unsolicited ads for products and services. Spam is a verb: posting the same message again and again to as many people as possible. Spam is a bad word. Don’t spam. We monitor Drilling Ahead in real time and usually suspend spammers within minutes. If you have received spam from a Drilling Ahead member please email us as soon as possible so we can remover the spam and spammer.

What Is A Blog? (Guidelines)
Blogs are our way of providing engaging and informal information to our members immediately. As a blogger, you should feel free to express yourself, share your knowledge and provide our members with unique and rewarding experiences.To be approved for posting a blog must have correct spelling & focus on a particular topic or story. A blog should be at least one paragraph or more and contain photos and videos or illustrations if possible. Blogs posted in the form of a single sentence or question will not be approved.

What Is A Discussion? (Guidelines)
We want to give you the chance to be heard and make your point. Our discussions forum is the place to do that. Have you read something in the news you want to share or discuss? Maybe there is some company policy you disagree with and would like the opinion of others. Discussions are a place to invite differing views and engage the reader. Please stay on the topic of particular discussions and be respectful of opposing points of view.

Making this a safe, constructive place to exchange information is our top priority, and violating any of these guidelines may result in a suspension from Drilling Ahead. It rarely comes to that, though. The most important thing we ask of you is to be respectful & get involved! Tons of smart people post and visit here on Drilling Ahead. Be one of them!

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