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Oilfield Jokes #3

Roughneck StanceLawyer, Doctor, Roughneck...There was a Lawyer, a Doctor, and a Roughneck all ponied up to the urinals in restroom.

The Lawyer got done, he goes to the sink and barely dips his fingers in the water and uses about 1/2 a towel to dry them. "I went to Harvard law school," he proudly boasts," they taught us to be very conscience of the environment!"

Doctor gets done, uses about 3 gallons of water to wash all the way to his elbows while the other two watch. "I went to Johns Hopkins, they taught us to be very clean in everything."

The Roughneck gets done, zips up, and heads towards the door. The Lawyer and Doctor look at him, puzzled. "I went to the University of Texas," as he looks at the uppity professionals,"they taught us not to p*ss on our hands!"

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