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Pecos Texas Lodge Opens For Oilfield Workers

Jan. 18th, 2013

The oil boom has led to a full-blown housing crisis in Pecos, Texas.

Luckily, more housing is now available in the area.

Target Logistics held their grand opening for their new Pecos Lodge on Thursday evening.

The new Pecos Lodge is target Logistics' first work camp in West Texas.

The Pecos Lodge has 90 bedrooms for workers, a full kitchen and security.

The lodge also has plenty of recreation items -- including a swimming pool, barbecues, and courts for basketball and volleyball.

About half of the workers that will live at the new facility have already moved in.

Since the demand for housing is so high, Target Logistics is already looking at expanding.

"We're able to build on, and we're set to build on," Tom Schneider of Target Logistics told Big 2. "We're set to expand to 200 rooms, I can't say, I can't give an exact time line. but it will be soon."

Pecos leaders hope that as more oil field workers move into the camps, other housing will open up in the community or non oil-field workers.

Target Logistics is also working on a$1,000 bed work camp in the Odessa area.


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