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I know, I know, there are some big things that really lean to the "suck" side of this new oilfield. As food for thought, I was wondering what little things you miss. Big things such as Oilbase, FRC's, and topdrive derrickhands bother all of us. But just to start it, here's some: not getting to carry a knife, these new hooks on the hoist that my old busted up thumbs can't push the "safety latchs" on and the little rings on chains that don't seem to go in 'till some kid comes does it for ya, safety guys that hardhats don't fit, forklift licenses, hydro tongs (like the pull'n power but you might have a crew change to slack off and get another bite), drilling mud that washes off one thing and sticks to whatever you just washed (could not leave OBM alone), vacuum hose 15 min after you get them (just like male parts - soft and plyable new, turning to stiff and a mind of its own when used), window washing (cyber drilling has its drawbacks)........(more later)

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Comment by Jay Brown on April 6, 2011 at 9:58am
Found something I like. I now have this speaker outside, and if you crank it up, you can chew some tail 2 locations away without getting out of that chair.
Comment by Adam Speights on April 8, 2011 at 8:29am
Hands that don't carry a crescent wrench.
Comment by Zane Reese on April 9, 2011 at 11:32am
I like working with safe, smart, quiet hands, polymer-based mud, wearing Red Kap khakis, crews that if you leave something personal lying around, they'll leave it there or bring it around and ask you if it is yours, April-October work, 1000 hp or smaller rigs, 7 days on 7 days off, the pay.
Comment by Kevin B. Rhoads on April 10, 2011 at 11:55am
Ya one thing among many is all of the backstabing BS, these days it ain't enough to be a good reliable hand that shows up every day,don't get high, works his guts out and so on.
Some of those that we encounter are worse meat heads than ever , sad
Comment by Jim D. Bural on April 10, 2011 at 2:19pm
Jay, I'm sorry that I haven't responded to your email sooner. I've been busier than a 3 legged cat covering poo. Sit down & hold on. I quit Patterson. I simply couldn't take Hank trying to get me run off any more. His crap with the damned FRC coveralls was the last straw. I spent $380 of my own money for pants & shirts, FRC, because I couldn't get in & out of those pretty Patterson coveralls. Try going to the outhouse at 2:00 am and need help getting the damned things off. I'm working for BIG DOG & loving it. Still get to do things the old school way & believe it or not, NO INJURIES or near hits. Imagine that. Don't get me wrong, safety is a great thing, especially when combined with a dose of common sense. Patterson lost onehelluva good Driller because of it's ignorant safety people. Big Dog is hounding me to Push for them already. Patterson never offered. Even though I had pused for them before. They kept putting out the boys from the clique. Best damned move I have made in a long time. BTW, congrats on getting 333. I know you'll love it. Stay safe & keep in touch, Bro. Tell Pam Hello for me. Later.
Comment by Randall Jackson on April 11, 2011 at 12:18am
The liberal left-wing progressives have taken over the oil business. (read insurance companies) The more they talk about safety, the less there is. Safety is a habit, and taught by actually doing the job, not something dreamed up in a laboratory,and analysed by engineers, who have never had their hands dirty. I used to have a sign in my pusher's shack that said; "There comes a time in every project to shoot the engineers, and get on whith progress!" Dang it is hard to work with people that have been educated beyound their intelligence.
Comment by Lynn Neighbors on April 11, 2011 at 7:09pm
Brother you are speakin' my language. New oilfield just fired me for something I posted on this site, been drillin' for them 4 years. Had one hand injured in several years drilling and they can me over something I wrote on this website. Rest my case. It has gone too far. You use to have fun in the patch. Now you get fired for speaking the truth!
Comment by Mike Cummings on April 11, 2011 at 9:24pm
It probably was something to do about getting on this site and talking about dropping your derrick. It's not good for publicity for your company , however I commend you for speaking out about this!
Comment by Jamie Zenner on April 16, 2011 at 7:25am
Let's see, in Canada I work for the biggest drilling contractor in the WORLD & this particular company has their heads shoved so far up the oil companies rear end-a 'Dutch' company, that when this oil company says jump the contractor asks 'how high?' The last time I checked we were MEN being paid a MANS wage to do a MANS job.
I had asked for wall paper with numbers and the alphabet for the doghouse as I feel as though we are treated like kindergarten kid. The company I currently work for now in my opinion destroys young hands if they choose to not continue on with 'our current company' as policies and just the way they do things in general isn't truly the way things are done elsewhere. When I left this company 3-4 years ago, it took me a solid 4-5 months to learn how things really are done in the 'real world'
Technology is a great thing in my opinion, but you need to be a computer programmer to fix new generation rigs.
Safety is beaten to death. I have yet to have a crew where we weren't all friends to some degree, like any normal human being I HATE to hurt ANYONE-friend or not.
Rig hands for the most part are becoming softer & softer & watching some of these kids coming up through the ranks makes me sad for the road that my great uncle, dad, & myself have helped pave through blood, sweat & tears so these kids can sit in the doghouse in a nice chair & run a rig as if it's an X-Box game. There's a ton of other things that bother me, I'll save it for another time...
Comment by Randall Jackson on April 16, 2011 at 11:19am
I hear ya Jamie, the waste is incredable. Ther are a few contractors here in N. Texas still drilling on footage the old way. Believe it or not, they do not pay as much, however, they are seldom short-handed. A good friend runs and owns 2 of these that look like they did in 1960. They will usually start and finish and be on another location before the new rigs are logging. Some of the new tech is great, but when you can no longer "feel" the rig drilling all the way to the bit, something profound is lost.


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