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Advances in offshore safety since Macondo?

What I now believe is that my question, which I've asked on several industry forums, What specific improvements in offshore safety can be specifically tied back to the causes of the Macondo incident?, is unanswerable. That is, given the number of lawyers in Houston, no IOC (or anyone else, including IHS) is going to want to go on record as giving an answer to this basic question.

So we are in the paradoxical situation of having so many safety glitches on Macondo, from an inadequate number of spacers in the well bore to a dead battery on the BOP--amen a codependent subculture in the mud room in which everyone is determined to show how much each trusts the other by not double-checking the critical issues of cement integrity; but no one is going to say "We addressed that specific issue so that it won't happen again."

I find this situation strange and disturbing; but that's probably because I've not yet "normalized" the DWH/Macondo incident the way everyone else seems to have done.

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Comment by Russell Dwayne Olivier on June 10, 2013 at 12:10pm

I agree George, 100%

Comment by randy harris on June 11, 2013 at 11:21am

George, Bess now days make the Oil co seal the well with cement plugs with Packers . The Neg test are pretty standard  now days . You want see anybody doing a Neg test against the Shoe Track and doing it with different columns of spacer weights in the well . It will be done with one weight of fluid . They also have to go to the mud pits with returns instead of going to straight to the boat . EZSV's have to be set in the well when they TA or PA  .




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