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HSE, Public Service Announcement- It's what you inhale

Today being World Scleroderma Day, please take a moment to read and be aware. O/G workers have the highest risk of developing this according to government statistics due to exposure to silica dust. My mom got this disease from being nearby a tar roofing operation for several months. It is terribly painful, debilitating and has no cure and little to no treatment. Please take precautions on the job -or for those who aren't feeling well and aren't sure why- this is commonly missed or misdiagnosed so I figured the heads up could help someone.

A doctor relayed to me the following which I found surprising so maybe you will as well:

  • Depending on your genetics, when exposed to chemicals some people will get cancer and others will get autoimmune disease
  • It is less toxic to ingest a poison than it is to INHALE or ABSORB through your skin





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Comment by Alan Fortune on July 1, 2013 at 6:08pm
Very good info.
This goes much further than fracing.
We MUST always be aware of toxins in the air.
South East Asia is going through the annual HAZE situation.
MANY people suffer through this period of needless smoke that 'drifts' across neighbouring countries.
I live amidst this condition and can tell you in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia at times it has been difficult to see the other side of carparks.
Comment by Kari on July 1, 2013 at 6:18pm

Thank you - and you are right as well. That's why I found the OSHA doc interesting as it lists a number of industries but it's also important to be aware that living in and around proximity(s) can be equal to or worse than encountering at work.      


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