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Understanding calculations & working out simple formulas

I have worked in the oilfield since 1991. Math has always been a difficult downfall for me. For the longest time I have had no desire to learn the math. How ever I have worked my way up the ladder taking a drillers position. Drilling only shallow gas wells that really required no math if any at all. Recently I had surrendered my drillers position going back to rough necking. Unfortunately I am feeling the physical toll that it has taken on my body and now looking to go back to being a driller but not wanting to do so until I have proper knowledge of understanding & working out the math of simple basic formulas and calculations. PLZZZZZ!!!!! Help!!!

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Comment by Tracy Counts on April 6, 2013 at 7:07am

I was kind of the same way over the years, not really liking math due to being a little weak in it. But the position I now hold relies on a lot of calculations. I've gathered and made a fair amount of spreadsheets for many of the scenarios. I'd be glad to forward over a copy of them for you to use accordingly. As you work with them, you'll soon realize how much your learning is improving. If interested email me at : tcounts@mail.com

Comment by Steve Bryan on August 27, 2013 at 8:33pm

Get a Haliburton book for calculating volumes. It has most verything you need to know. You can also down load volume calculaters  on the web.


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